Are we more than friends

This is about a 18 year old model Kayla Cadler younger sister of Elenour Cadler. Her best friend Brila Edwards younger sister of Perrie Edwards. The girls have been around the guys due to their sisters relationships but will they end up being a girlfriend of one of the guys or will the guys be friend zoned by the girls read to find out what happens in this crazy love triangle


1. This is just the beginning

Kayla pov

I woke up to my alarm going off at 7:00 am. I got up and hoped in the shower. Went got out I dried off and blow dried my hair. After wards I lightly curled my hair. I applied some makeup and Wonderstruck perfume . Sorry forgot to introduce my self I'm Kayla Cadler I'm 18. My sister elenour Cadler and I are Victoria secret models. I have long bleach blond hair. I have crystal blue eyes and my bestfriends name is Brila Edwards. She 18 aswell and a Victoria secret model too. My sister, Brila, and I have recently been asked too be bridesmaids in Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards wedding in 1 year. Anyway back too the story. I got a text from Elenour down at the modeling competition she was in and she said to goo pick up Brila and Perrie, because Tom our modeling director needed us. I texted her back and said we'd be there In 12 minutes. I hoped in my Camaro and picked up Perrie and Brila and went to the compotition.We showed the security guys our ID and met elenour backstage. Louis and the guys were there too but they were gettin snacks. We were out of breath from running across 3 ball rooms and the parking lot." What happened" I asked Elenour. "Well you know Lindsey" she asked. Lindsey was another model we worked with but we wernt friends." Yeah" I replied." well she broke her leg running I her 7 inch heels" she said. "OMG Is she okay" I asked. "Yeah she being transported to the hospital as we speak and I told tom that you Brila and Perrie would take they're place". "They whose they"I asked. " well Chloe and Amber were worried so they went with her"she added. "Well what catagories are we competing in so we can go get our stuff" I asked. " there is no time Amanda has too get you all ready"she said. "Don't worry I'll get the guys to go get it" Perrie said. "Thanks Perrie you're a life saver" I said." I'll text Zayn to go get the stuff. What do you need"." I need my black heels, floral heels, and my sandals, my strapless velvet tight fited high thigh dress ,my strapless low hanging bikini top and my hot pink bottoms, and my Model sweats" I said and they put down what she and her sister needed and sent it to Zayn and the guys

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