Last song

One direction love story louis tomlinson Emma Watson last song harry styles This is a story about a girl who moves from New York to Texas to live with her father with his little brother Noha there she finds a boy to date with but what happens when she finds that his father has lung cancer will it effect her relationship life too find out in last song


5. what the hell ?!?!

Veronica's p.o.v. How dare he kissed me I mean he's my friends boyfriend and they both were shifting together in sometime how could he do this to me so I just slapped him and shouted stay away from me and I went Harry's p.o.v.

Ouch ?!?! She slapped me what the hell is wrong with her I mean all the girls die to be mine and she she slapped me and how dare she warned me to stay away from her she doesn't know who I am does she ...... But ya thankfully Steph didn't saw anything. Steph"s p.o.v. What the hell does Veronica think she is she kissed my boyfriend that easily I mean I lone harry I treated her like my own best friend and when no one was there for her I was ...... Ughhhh !!! She will pay for this later I'll take revenge from her .....

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hi peeps ho we u all ily guys I can't imagine I got 17 reads😱😭 love u all sooo much I owe u guys such a big time 😘

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