Just the two of us

Hello.Im Ashlynn.I live with my big brother Ashton and mum .We live in Sydney Australia.Im like a huge nerd and that's how I like it.Yes I get bullied here and there but oh well.I by my own will have no friends.Unlike Ashton who has tons.This is a story where Ashlynn and Ashton go through thick and thin together finding love along the way.
Read just the two of us!
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1. chapter 1

Ashlynn's POV

Hi hi!im Ashlynn but my brother calls me AFI2 because I'm Ashlynn Faith Irwin.And he has the same letters.But he was born a year exactly before me(weird huh)so I have a 2 at the end.Today is Monday!!yay!!!i love school!im really focused on it.Im also a tutor at hall cross high(don't know of its real)I tutor my brother and some jocks who are absolute jerks.Once I woke up and jumped in the shower and did me business.Once I was done with the shower I got dressed in high waisted black skinny jeans with a crop top that's a long sleeved black fabric with

'1/2 Aussie 1/2 kangaroo'in white letters and white dr.martens and to top it all of a black beanie.Once I was done I ran to Ashton's room and barged in on him tugging his skinny jeans up his legs.

"Guess what guess what guess what AFI1!!"

He let out a squeal and fell over

"Fucking shit knock next time you scared the living crap out of me!!"

"Oh sorry not sorry but I don't have to tutor today so you can do your own math problems bro!"I started to do a happy dance

"Oh and we leave in 10"I winked.He got wide eyed and started jumping around the room trying to get his skin right jeans on.I laughed and went downs stairs to see my mam.

"Hey mam!"I said

"Hey darling"my mam said

"I could here Ashton jumping around again let me guess skinnys?"my mam guessed

I sighed and nodded.

"That boy is gonna not be able to have children after this"she shook her head I just laughed and grabbed an apple.



"SORRY MAM,BUT ASHTON HURRY UP!"that's when he came running down with everything he needs.

"Took ya long enough"

"Shut up,BY MAM"


"OK BYE LUFF YA!"I yelled I then ran outside and dove at the driving side got in and locked the door.

"You know you can't drive"Ashton smirked.

"I've seen you drive please just this once!"I begged.

"Fine but your buying lunch"

"Yessss"he chuckled and got in the passenger side.

"Put it in reverse and back out slowly this is my baby,my pride and joy my ev-"

"Ashton it's a piece of shit little silver car you'll live now shut the hell up and let me drive!"


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