Someone Else

For Sadie McKinley (18) , She Thought She Was just Going To A Magcon Event . She Didn't Know She Would Fall In Love With The One And Only Carter Reynolds (; But What Will Happen When Sadie Goes On Tour With Him And Falls For Matt Espinosa


7. What are You Doing Here? ๐Ÿ’•

"CARTER?! What are you doing here?!" I asked angrily. "Alison is my umm.. she's my.. girlfriend.." He said as he looked at the floor. " GIRLFRIEND?!?!?! ALISON HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME THIS!!!!????" I practically screamed. "Wow. I thought you would be happy for me." She said. "Well, Carter and I hooked up last night so he practically cheated on you!" I said. I took off the sweatshirt off and threw it at Carter. "Is that true, Cart-Cart??" She asked him. He nodded and that's when I stormed out the door. I decided that I wanted Starbucks so I drove there. When I walked in I saw Matt sitting at a table. I ordered a vanilla bean frappe and sat by Matt.

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