Someone Else

For Sadie McKinley (18) , She Thought She Was just Going To A Magcon Event . She Didn't Know She Would Fall In Love With The One And Only Carter Reynolds (; But What Will Happen When Sadie Goes On Tour With Him And Falls For Matt Espinosa


10. The Phone Call💕

"Hello???" I said.

"Hello. Is this Sadie McKinley?" said a strange man.

"yes why?"

"Well this is Nashville Hospital and your mom is here. She got in a car wreck coming home to surprise you"

I started crying immediately. I hung up and rushed to the hospital.

I told the lady at the front desk who I was looking for and she told me what room she was in. I walked to the room. Tears were streaming down my face. I ran to my mom. She was unconscious and was all bloody. Her heart was almost running out of blood because her arteries were clogged. I couldn't bear to watch it anymore. Just after I had kissed her and said I loved her the heart rate machine when blank and the line went straight. Tears were just pouring from my eyes. This was all my fault!! Her phone was laying on her stomach. She was in the middle of texting me.

Hey baby girl. I'm in the hospital.. But don't worry about me. Nothing major. Just a car accident. I lo-

That was all that she wrote.

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