The Mute Knight


1. Prologue

Prologue Thunder crashed across the sky. Rain slammed into the windows and ground. Lightning flashed across the sky. Shouts, and the clash of blades against other blades and shields filled the air. A battle of two kingdoms, Waybeth and Gonidd. Forces of Waybeth managed to fight all the way to the castle of the king and queen, trying to reach the leaders to kill them, and destroy the kingdom. They Waybeth force was unaware the queen was giving birth during the battle. Gonidd fought, forcing the Waybeth force back, but they just came forward again. Each side was weak, but Gonidd wouldn’t fall. They had a reason to fight, more than Waybeth did. Beyond the battle, deep within the castle wails, and soothing voices could be heard. The king stood, pacing, outside the door where the birth of his child took place. He was armed, and had guards stationed at every corner of the castle to protect his wife, his queen. Finally, after many hours of wails and soothing voices, a cry could be heard. The door to the room opened, and the king rushed into the room to see his child. “A boy…” One of the maids said, smiling at the family. “He’s lovely… What shall we name him, Christiana?” The king asked, looking at his wife. “We shall name him… Alexander.” The queen leaned her head against her husband’s. “Prince Alexander.” The king smiled. “Alexander will be a fine king some day.” The parents stayed the way they were, holding their dear child close to them. Yet, somewhere else in the kingdom, another birth was taking place. A farmer’s wife was giving birth. The birth went by quickly, and the farmer and his wife were silent, watching their beautiful baby girl. “What shall we name her?” The farmer asked. “Abella… We’ll name her Abella…” His wife whispered, and smiled. The farmer kissed his wife’s head, just as lightning flashed across the sky, and a bolt struck the house. A flame burst from the roof just as thunder boomed across the sky. The farmer was quickly up on his feet, and running to save the most important things. The money and the clothing. Everything else could be easily replaced with the money and the farm animals provided food. The farmer was at his wife’s side after he threw everything out the door of the house. She struggled to her feet, and then handed Abella to the farmer. Then she began to make her way to the door behind her husband, but she tripped and fell. The farmer didn’t realize till he was outside that his wife was gone. Hiding his child’s face from the rain, he turned around quickly to to retrieve his wife, but the house’s door burst into flames, blocking the only access to his wife. “Victoria!” The farmer cried out, walking toward the fire. A scream of pain startled him back. “Edward… Take care of Abella…” She screamed again, and again until finally the only noise heard was the crackling of the fire, the pouring rain, and the thunder. “Victoria…” The main cried, holding his daughter close. “I will take care of her… She will become strong.”
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