a shard of glass

Each piece of broken glass is a memory, a mirror is a life time. Somebody else's.


1. a dead girl and a lot of treasure

The three kids gathered eagerly around the dusty map in the attic.

"Its a treasure map," one little boy cried.

"Let go find it!" a little on call Tom, said.

"We should dig it up" said another, his name was Liam.

"Yeah lets go" said the first his name was Jeremy.

They ran down the stairs. "Mom," shouted Tom, "We are are going to go dig for treasure!"

"Okay boys," and voice drifted from the kitchen "Just don't dig up the the yard,"

"We won't its at the edge of town," the boys all yelled simultaneously.

"Okay, be careful," The mother yelled. She was a little late the boys were outside already. She sat in a chair and sighed contentedly, with a little luck she'd get the afternoon to herself and the evening too.

The boys ran to the X on the map  and took the shovels and started digging, eventually they hit a glass wall. The dug around it and fell into a big space, in a glass coffin was a girl with a bloody hole in her chest. and next to the coffin was a chest

"Its treasure!" Tom cried. He opened tried the chest lid and found it unlocked. Then he lifted it. "Its a bunch of glass and a note" he said puzzled.

"What does it say?" asked Jeremy.


Tom showed them the note

"Each piece of broken glass is a memory, a mirror is a life time. Somebody else's." Liam read "What does it mean?"

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