This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.


32. Pieces back together

The Decepticon leader gazes to the dark sky. Megatron has not really encountered this feeling where he feels connected to a single femme who he shared the first emotional bonding processs. When it’s used commonly it just becomes something that entertwins their sparks temporally until the connection is severed.  They’ll find her parts.

            “Megatron, we cannot find any  cybertronian-protoform-remains.” A high pitched voice broke through Megatron’s comnlink. A heavy sigh is heard from Megatron who raises his head up at the glittering stars. He seems hopefull, an expression that is not seen on a want-to-be-prime villain.

            “Look harder.” Megatron’s go-to response came through. We’ll find her… Megatron looks to the side. His optics is dipped in some sadness. Megatron did some research about Romeo and Juliet after their last meeting. Her decision to go slow made sense since a life can be cut short when a relationship is taken very fast without really knowing each other. Strangely, when Megatron tried to remember what happened after their last meeting he comes to a dead end right after she had dozed off.  He found himself somewhere near where the Fallen and the Decepticons were based.

            “Fine,” Starscream ends the comnlink at his end, grumbling about his rather futile task.

            The night they had shared together did reassure Megatron; that he may have found his own femme, one who he can find a way to stay for eternity without returning to her universe. There’s always a way, even for love. Her laugh reminded him of energon novelty that was so high grade it is considered sweet. His spark feels as if it were put into pieces. Until now, I had not realized how love could be associated to music. The memory of last night made him smile. Something inside told Megatron it was fairly new to the femme as a Cybertronian.

             But one thing did worry Megatron. He touches what remains of his face. How will she react about my nearly destroyed face? What sensory wires remained of Megatron’s face clearly sent pain signals into his processor. Anyone who put their hands into hot-steaming coal can probably relate to Megatron’s pain. Megatron had to find something to cover his injury something like a cloak.  If there’s something good to explain their relationship as…it would be this: Something along the lines that now he didn’t want her in the Autobots hands, not just because she knew too much, it’s just that he cares for her.

            “I need a cloak.” Megatron acknowldes, considering a suggestion some distant individual made to him so long ago. “Something old…something….big.” Behind Megatron is some group of veteran Decepticons and newer ones as well, they seem eager to be in combat.

Our scene transitions to Starscream searching in Egypt with a few remaining Decepticon for the remains of Ivy’s body. The humans have left their guard down just for this night. The funeral of Sam Witwicky will be happening straightly tomorrow so plans are being made to decide what protocols should be in place when the Decepticons strike again. But it’s slightly a doubtful event ever happening; Protocols, but wait, there could be a team created just for this threat. Vehicles are left unattended. People are not in Egypt because ‘radioactive’ material is present and are at some other unknown area.

            “He wants us to find cybertronian small humanoid structured parts…”  A new Decepticon, Swerzdfright, stomps on a tent that is not accoupied. He has a light Dutch accent. He balls up his flat wide digits into fists. “This is very impossible!”

            Starscream rolls his optics.           

            “Not as impossible finding you in the Mitchigan triangle..” Starscream mutters to himself, flipping over a dirty jeep on its back.He scans the ground searching for distrubence within the sand. The scanner read ‘No lifeforms detected’ in the seeker’s optics. There’s a tranquil sigh that did not seem to be of relief , just that belonging to grief.

            CanoCopy, a relatively foreign Decepticon, is smoking a small jet. This jet had ben crushed muetliple times and flattened only twice. It did carry a human being oncei inside its cockpit. But only the flesh, bones, and attire remained not the individual. It would have been impossibility for the person had survived this torment. The crushed jet is a dark gray showing pin numbers underneath the rim that has a digitprint of Canocopy.

            “Dudes, why don’t we just use the lifeform detector?” CanoCopy said, cooly. He has a Midwestern accent similar to Ivy, the girl who cannot pronounce her ‘r’s correctly.  CanoCopy had been formerly a large trampoline built into a van.Those parts are seen making up his large collar and buffed up legs.  Despite his accent, CanoCopy had been onlined in Austrailia.

            The others gave him a glare.

            “Just a suggsstion,” the oddly relaxed Decepticon,Canocopy shrugs his shoulders. He smokes his cigar blowing a unique triangle into the air. He seems to have really shiny armor rather than dirty.

            “That does not work, fool.” Swerzdfright said, as he shook his head. He puts his servos into what seems to be built in cybertronian pockets that bore resemblance to short low cut jeans to the knee. He does not believe in ghosts or gargoyles, nor does he believe anything that humanity fears. He saw it as a thing to make them, Decepticons, fear.  “This is stupid.”

            Starscream really does understand why Megatron’s making them do this.

            “Okay Kenobi Onobi whatever you are, start putting yourself to use!” Starscream orders Canocopy. “I may not be a leader of the Decepticons, yet, but I am second in command!” Starscream pokes at Canocopy’s chest armor backing up the mech some feet.

            CanoCopy waves his cigar in a circle, stopping by a small building.

            “What’s their story, anyway?” Canocopy kicks over a tin can.

“Their?” The others repeat.

Canocopy blows smoke down to a dead corpse.

“Everyone should notice by now,” Canocopy said, sounding to be the most captian obvious in the entire universe. He gets raised optic ridges from everyone around him.  Canocopy seems to have not been taken seriously by his colleagues. “It’s very obvious. Decepticons cannot be idiots!”

Starscream grunts, looking into a garbage can.

They stopped talking and resumed their search.

Canocopy lifts up a building. He saw a pair of meddling humans wearing gas mask fiddling on the planning model of two robotical legs that are small for a human to use for walking. A machine that has barely a protective skin, however it does have a humanoid body mold without the usual goooy material. He grumbles something along the lines “Never mind” swatting the two humans away. The parts lifted up by Canocopy’s digits are legs.

            “Uh….” Canocopy starts, finding this unusual. “That’s a strange place to find legs.”

            “We better use its energy signature to trace its other parts.” Starscream quickly brought up   relieved they actually got something.  This will be the quickest way to find out who this is. Starscream concludes on the matter. And why Megatron has us searching for these parts…

            The scene transfers to Shockwave, who seems to be chatting with a dinosaur like cybertronian who is not a famous canon character. Shockwave hands him  a steaming hot beverage that ‘s no other than energoil cooked finely. This Decepticon, Rex-Five, take the large beverage. He drinks from the house sized tin can. Heat strottles out from his dinosaur nostrils placed onto his chest armor tht is aligned similar to a sun solar panel.

            “They’ve been searching for her body?”  Rex-Five asks, in a low voice.

            “For the past night,” Shockwave turns his helmet to his young worm-cybertronian pet. “With a bit of success.”

            Rex-Five looks to the one opticed Decepticon.

            “What did they find?” He sips his drink.

            “Legs.” Shockwave’s one comment alone tells it’s more than a bit of success it’s huge. Becaues their success might not be as big in the days ahead that lie in wait for the Decepticons on their search. He looks back to the mad-scientist T-rex.            Rex-Five dapples some paper into his drink.

            The purr from Shockwave’s pet is low at night.

            “Co’hee 2000, I call it,” Rex-fove comments, without being questioned. Cool steam drifts away from his drink that is made only by human intestines and raw animal organs, mixed into some energon. He is a predator who ate organics. It brought his organic half to survive.  “It helps with my mad processor that small girl gave me.”

            Shockwave’s lenacy is little to no good.

            “I cannot see how a human can run a single cybertronian mad, it’s not logical.” Shockwave shook his helmet as he is not at least disgusted by the raw material floating in Rex Five’s tin can. He earns a chuckle from the aged-old dinosaur that’s seen more than anyone in their lifetime should be able to be see.

            Rex-Five’s reptile dinosaur optics turns towards Shockwave’s direction.

            “You’ll be surprised if all characters made by humans had come alive.” Rex-Five points out.A large old-wild raccoon is watching them from a tree branch. Rex-Five flips the old critter away using his small digits.  Flop! The raccoon lands in a shallow pond.  “Most are…Complicated.”

            Shockwave’s  pet Driller,  The cybertronian native worm,  creates  a strange howl noise.

            Radd-le raawhiirrdiddlee

            A jeep is seen from afar beaming lights on emitting it just like a flashlight clearing a path. Our view goes into this vehicle, right at the back similar to a iron-clad bank transportation on wheels. There are strange men sitting on a wide platformed seat at both sides.  In the middle is a plastic gray sheet that outlines two arms side by side. A finger is sticking out fom the edge overlayed in wiggly dark gray wires kept together by small bolts fixed  into place from a cybertronian model system.  One of these strange men lifts up the sheet.

            “It looks so alive.” The man said, not in English . We may call this man Swih. Swih’s index finger hover towards this spectaclure  designed robot-like arm.

            Behoj slaps Swih’s hand away.

            “Don’t touch it.” Behoj firmly said. His eyes are not lightly taken. “Don’t ever touch what isn’t yours.”

            “It’s repairing itself.” A man from across adds; then he gets strange looks. “Just look!”

            The wires are seen slowly moving reconnecting themselves as thin thread getting itself back together. Mechanical noise follow it as some little rounded bolts rotated locking into place textured in some strange markings not usually seen from Earth. But another planet.

            “If anyone touches this; it will bring us bad luck for seven years.” Another man boldly states. “Or worse…”

            The van is hit to the side sending the men sideways.

            “What was that?” Swih frantically asks, his face wild in questionable fear.

            “I don’t know.” The driver puts on his lights that usually blind other drivers. His face turns a complete white. He couldn’t scream even when his lungs were midway to breathing. Only a shrill-odd noise of fright came from the man.

            The van is flipped upside down sending the people inside to land on the ceiling.


             A claw tears open the floor of the van. Then it is shown to be part of a large arm constructed in different plates and armor belonging to some fusion tank. Most of these men are unable to react. This creepy carefully constructed arm takes out the sheet covering human sized arms. A grenade is put into the van ticking just a few seconds. The men try escaping out the van but it explodes before any one could get out.



            Our scene transfers into a large spaceship far from Earth.  It’s been 13 hours since the Fallen had died and so did many.  Now this scene refocuses into a room.  This room has some decepticons holding small exposed protoform-parts in their shaking servos harder than metal. Megatron comes into this room wearing a dark gray hooded cloak.  He found it emberrashing for others to see a wound indicating he had been defeated by a prime. A single handed prime.

            “Put the parts on the table.” Megatron orders the Decepticons holding the pieces.

            The Decepticons put the pieces on the table unorganized, Starscream is not among the group. Starscream is off doing something else such as scanning for more energoil resources in some group. Other decepticons did not tend to question Megatron expecially when it came to using the last piece of the Allspark. They left soon after Megatron ordred them.  As the door shuts from the last Decepticon, we see Megatron holding a small square piece of the allspark on his digit looking partially towards the mess.

            We last see his smile when the door closes.

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