This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.


36. Pay Attention to the screen

    The events from the gigantic snakes return and what happened to it is controversial. It’s controversial among the newer Decepticons who were recruited at some different planet nearby their ship. Some claimed Megatron offlined the snake in a fit of rage. Swerzdfright suggested that Robustshell had a part in taking care the large-fatal cybertronian.

            Now, it’s been awhile since it happened and Canocopy is just recovering from it.

             Starscream and Canocopy are doing some medical scanning over Robustshell’s body. They had to make sure she really didn’t get any parasites whatsoever because of being relatively new to the Decepticon force and that they didn’t want her to offline way too early. The interns behind them were busy reading the guide Starscream handed them.

Starscream saw a brief energy signature from Robustshell’s belly. It blew his processor. “Did I…just…” Starscream is getting spaced out seeing something that should not be there at all.  He couldn’t put his processor around it.

            “That…was..wierd.” Canocopy said, unable to comprehend what he just saw too.  “Maybe my imagination…”

            Robustshell gets up.

            “No parasites or anything?”  Robustshell says in a casual way. Her armor clashed together gentle when her arms lean around the recently made berth. She didn’t fancy what lengths it took to make it seem comfortable as possible expecially whenit came to getting shots. She despises shots.

            Starscream and Canocopy cannot say a word;  they could only nod.

            “Go figure.” Robustshell shrugs her shoulders. Her optics brighten. “OH, I can’t be late for the chess game with Megs—“

            The Intern Decepticons’ raised their helmets at the mention of ‘Megs’ when Robustshell lef the room. Starscream’s optic edges “It’s only a conicdence she calls him Megs’ without even speaking it. The seeker’s large somewhat bigger than life digits press the save button. Saving the image from what had been scanned inside Robustshell’s belly.

            “Megs and Bust sitting in an energon tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes bonding then comes primeville!” The interns chanted, annoying Canocopy to a no-good degree. Canocopy uses his burning jeterrate as a dart shooter that sent heating flames into the intern’s sensitive areas.

            The interns shriek.


                        Three megacycles later….

            The Interns had pursued Starscream to ask the daunting question. The most daunting question of all time they assumed to be the best thing in the entire universe to ever hear. Perhaps it was because they have seen the two problem-solving easier than a toothpick. And as the Megabust couple—as they have been called—have been seen getting along quite smoothly than thought.

            “Megatron, I get readings she’s sparking a hatchling,” Starscream informs Megatron, slightly not confident in what he is even saying. Megatron has this really ‘I can’t believe you’’ look on him. Most of all Megatron didn’t say at least a word nor did he interrupt Starscream. It was….not quite Megatron. “But she’s not….at all.”   

            It just took a few milliseconds for Megatron to reply. “Probably the machinery you and those ‘intern’ medics received.” Megatron suggests, ordering a small group of Decepticons to lift a highly rare material near to a doorway. “We have not even gone to the option, yet.”

            The seeker looks at Megatron, as the Decepticons struggled to hold the heavy antigue up.

            “Are you suggesting that you two are in a relationship?” Starscream asks, bewildered by his own comment. “She’s been here for four months and I have no idea why—“

            “Starscream, let me get this clear, we are not in a relationship.” Megatron interrupts Starscream, telling him in confidence. Megatron is skillfully reassuring Starscream it may not be plausibible for them. He grits his teeth. So it seems if Robustshell and Megatron get into a fling it may not end up pretty. “If we ever did there would be no ‘us’ to start with.”

            Starscream looks up from his datapad.

            “How sure are you?” Is what Starscream could have asked but he didn’t bother to ask.  He didn’t comprehend the phenomina going on from Robustshell’s body. It bugged him to know another spark blinked on the screen without a real explanation. The seeker goes back to the huddled group who he is supposed to be information about sever damage repair.

            They pestered him about what Megatron said.

            “Why does everyone think its Megatron and Robustshell who are in a relationship, by unicron it could be some other femme!” Starscream complains, shaking his helmet. “He denies it.”

            “Awwwwww.” The others say in disappointment.  They shook their helmets. “What else did he say?”

            Starscream knew this may not be the best thing to ever say.

            Expically when he is the one who is in second command.

            “Megabust is officially a….” He waves his servos. “What are the word most fans of certain merchandises use?”          

            The interns squealed.

            “OTP!” They squeal. “OWN TRUE PAAIIRINNG!”

            Starscream could have blown a gasket when he heard that. He may have been referring to some other kind terminology such as ‘Not-clearly-possible’ couple. That really didn’t make sense to him when they said OTP. Perhaps he’s been convinced very well by Megatron. That Megatron and Robustshell are not in a relationship.

            “I’m shipping them!” An intern wheels through the crowd waving something along the lines of datapad. “I’m shipping them so hard.”

            The profuse crowd followed the defiant OTP shipper.

            “What in the name of Unicron did I just do?” Starscream said aloud.

            “You just made a terrible mistake, didn’t you?” Canocopy simplified his mistake. He shook his helmet. “Maybe we shouldn’t do the scans on her anymore.”

            An  unusual pair of Decepticons walk by, just about the height of Bumblebee, as Starscream’s helmet gets steam floating out from the sides. His servos lock into fists. Starscream is going bolder than he ever went before. Just strictly by his stiffening shoulders, his grinding mouth shape, and that determined facial expression formed by more than 14 cybetronian facial armor/bones.

            “To make sure I’m not losing my processor, there must be the continued scans.” Starscream said in a convincing more independent manner. He is still loyale towards Megatron. But he wanted to make himself sane knowing what is really happening behind Robustshell’s really unknown optics. And what goes on in between the Megabust when they are not seen.

            Starscream shook his fist.

            Canocopy smokes his jeterrate.

            “Okay.” Canocopy leaves, mumbling “What an obsessive mystery-finder.”


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