This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.



We busted out of jail. And now there’s around twenty-five men remaining…One can wonder how they transferred me to a prison with men only. That’s super strange. Unbelieve-able. I may be a Transfan who never completes stories, but I do know Autobots are way out of character.  Well…As in ‘we busted out of jail’, there had to be some associations to be done. And knowing there has not been any news about Egypt or some robot ordering Sam Witwicky be handed to…um….I can’t remember….I CAN’T REMEMBER! Why can’t I remember?

            OH! That Egypt scene with Vector Prime I wrote in 2009, so many new ideas. I can somehow tweak that scene with Decepticon; but, in the Shattered Glass Animated universe. Some people may not have known about it in the Transformers fandom, until, their hands reach the keyboard and land into a parallel universe where things are incredibly different, to write as characters you know but in another universe. It’s the chance where villains are good guys.

            “So, little girl—“ One of the escapee’s begins.

            “Don’t try flirting with me dude.” I snap at the man, while holding a big newspaper that’s been folded neatly several times. So many times it could have been made into a square metal flat surface.. “…I hate to ask, who got sent here for bank robbery?”         Funny question because there’s a few movies and television episodes were there’s a bank robbery that I have seen.

            About ten raised their hands.

            So there are fifteen men, with unknown reasons why they too were in jail.

            “Who…were sent to jail because they commited…cricket que… a murder?” The most dulling question in the entire world has been grifted. What does grifted mean?  My guess is being a thief who steals jeweler--…No ,The better definition is engage in petty swindling like Sophie from Leverage.

            All fifteen raised their hands—I drop the newspaper—uanimously.

            I see round circles over their faces.

            “Shooo circles!” I swat them, actually hitting one man by accident.

            And before I knew it--“I’m not a circle!”—A fist  hit me faster than a child could say “Bewitched”. I’ve watched Tvland some years ago when I had been bored, shortly after “Leave it to the beaver” movie had been premiered on Disney. Or was that before?...The first day that the woman’s curse for me began; I was laughing hard at a Beethoven movie (A dog that’s brown and white, enormous) that Disney had made about making the very first dog Beethoven movie. Why did I mention this? I love dogs and Cats!

            Strange, odd little microscopic like circles briefly presented themselves in my eyes similar to a robot eye though it locked on their heads rather than their hearts. In a flicker they were like energy beings showing several layers being red, orange, and yellow.  However the red part changes to blue. The orange changes into purple. The yellow becomes light blue outlined hearts. If I could have wiggled my nose to get rid of this problem then I may have done so. Or If there was a speaking horse sticking around it would make things easier to ignore, hopefully. “Um…This can’t be ripped out of Predator with Arnold whathislastname.” I shook my head.

            “She’s a freak, ditch her!” A scrawny, high pitched man declares.

            “No.” Another pressed in. “She could be our gateway to getting over the border.”

            “As in Canada or Mexico?” A inmate who didn’t really know the borders idiotically asked. Man, this means, as I quote Animated Megatron: “I’m surrounded by idiots” in one of the episodes. Can’t be sure. But, Animated really was better than most of the continuity’s I had seen. To me, it had been a modernized Transformers cartoon made for all age; the episodes I remember make me laugh.  They are that memorable.

            We all paused.

            “...Um, can we have a Three Stooges moment, please?” I said, referring to an old TV show I watched on Spike. It’s way funny than those two women on the masked boxing show that came on Spike, who were tricked that they were going to speak with the first lady but ended up in a farm ranch and got covered in mud. That boxing show came on the weekends. A few of the men laugh—hopefully-- understanding this reference

            “TOLIET SWIRLY!” The Crowd grabs the idiot and ram straight through a buildings door tripping some people in the process and some civilians fell to the ground. We had been under a tree shade which happens to have very wide tree branches that made us partially unnoticeable.

            They misunderstood my comment entirely.

            “…Totally not what I meant.” I mutter, guess there’s only ONE person to make sure they don’t get caught …Who is the motherly figure like person towards others on the internet: Me.  My strange eyesight  was gone as it had  arrived in the first place. Woah, what caused that to happen? It’s not like I am an alien or something discovering her powers for the first time.  I like the X-Men movie where Wolverine comes to the big bricked mutant academy for the ‘first’ supposed time, because there’s so much cartoons it’s easy to conclude that movie could be left as a gigantic hole in timeline (Hence a reboot). It’s also the movie where that blue transmorphing lady is introduced.

            I sound confusing, so there are times I don’t understand myself at all.

            “Excuse me, sorry.” Passing through the startled civilians, who just got back up, made a shuffling domino effect. One can wonder how a group of men can fit into one restroom, and the fact that they are in the universe where Transformers are real. But they can’t remember important facts from the movies involving…the most important plot attributers.  

            The building they had barged into is a place where people eat with family or eat there because they are on a road trip. There are a lot of people either holding a cheeseburger sitting there dumbstruck of what they seen, others who were in the process of chewing, and those who were sipping their drinks from a cup had been  frozen midway. As if the entire scene had been out into pause mode. Did those men say cuss words to make everyone this way? Or they could have recognized them from the news…Cops are not that fast to send out bulletins…Are they?

            “Eeeeh…which way did—“  This sickening feeling took over. My body feels as if it wants to be torn apart to expel unwanted—What in the name of gallifrey am I saying? This is entirely unbelieveable. This can only happen in a science fiction horror movie in my opinion. Where the realm of horror can frighten a child, who has not grown immune to the special effects The most logical thing to do right now is push back that feeling, then, get those fools not get themselves into jail all over again. If they want to be free they shouldn’t do the same thing again…unless they love prison. “Which way did they go?”

            They pointed to the restroom.

            A little while later, that I do not recall…strangely…I found myself leaning against the railing of a  bloody bathtub. Holy primus! I push myself up. The only things that are in my memory is going into restroom after getting some direction aid from a few customers and my eyes seeing in a unusual strange way. There are things in life people may not understand. I don’t understand why there are guts in this bloody bathtub that resembles a shower and bathtub combined.

 “I…feell…so…sick.” I cover my mouth and glance at the men attempting my best not to look at the bloody battub. The men look horrified. “W-W-W-What ‘cha staring aa-a-a-at?”

            Imagine the men giving me scowls and looks of disapproval, most likely a horrified expression. “Ses-s-s-sserves you right!” One said,  stumbling backwards from the fairly large group. “S-S-S-hehshehe=-yy-y-y-y-you um…just..”

            “Released all your guts.”  The other dude finishes.

            …No…looks like there are three men in the room…Where are the others? I could not have done something so disgusting and gross! It’s clearly impossible to do as a one hundred percent organic humanoid being unless there was some event that: I came from a protoform that was sent into a space bridge that merged with a fetus somehow during travel—Frag idea hit me for another part of that old 2009 flame--, so when I had been born this means I wasn’t just a pure organic but likely a Pretender capable of becoming an animal in the body of a human with robotic features, similar to that lady from ROTF. Or I had some accident that somehow happened wiping off any knowledge during the strange transition to the Bayverse world.

            “…You…are bad jokers.” I said, my eyesight became odd just like last time only it seems to be black and white instead of all bright and dark people could expect to see through normal eye vision. It’s when people are not blind as a bat nor had a cross eye that got fixed via surgery. Which inevitably ruined the eyesight of seeing a far, great distanced object token and the strange thing is, I lost consciousness, again.

             Then I saw things differently. Not like I was doing  an action,but it is truly different. I can see what is going on. Yet, I am unable to do a thing. So I would not have been able to react.  It's almost watching myseelf doing it when I am not in control.

      “I broke my Nintendo DS. Again!” I groaned, lifting my head up and down on the table. “Can’t play Pokemon Leafgreen!”         

        My admission is that Pokemon Leafgreen had been my first Pokemon GBA game that went under the Nintendo DS. My first starter Pokemon was Treecko.. Who became a powerful Partner!  Treeko, the grass pokemon I nearly used in all of my battles between tough opponents...And then something happened in my string of success; I may have gotten at badge six when I don’t know what happened to It, or more like lost it.. Somehow I got a new version of this game. And it wasn’t being nice to me.

       “Also, Ivy may be a robot.”  The other added, sounding mischievous in a way. “She’s totally a Pokemon geek.” I didn’t have to look at the man to know there’s a fairly wide grin on his face. 

   “I am not familiar with Unova,” My Sarcastic self, looks upwards towards those mischievous really identical man. His voice sounded much of a dumb actor who’s doing terrible acting for a kid’s movie or kids serial. No wonder he got sent to jail: His entire personal is horrible speaking wise. “Ding dong,  Not that much of a geek!”

            A man whispered into the other’s ear who shortly thereafter pressed the knife against the man’s neck, appearing to be upset. “Don’t you say that, if you say that name again, you are done as this lunaticville girl.”  His voice is much of a evil snake slithering across the sand in a creepy kind of way.

            Finally that ended. The scene is a little different so I’m guessing it’s been probably three days since the escape out prison. There are a few inmates who are still sticking around like fifteen to be exact. It makes me feel uneasy knowing they can murder me without anyone knowing they are indeed murders. The other thing I hope is that I won’t mess up the timeline of Bayformers, such as; Fall in love with a Decepticon or Autobot, kill a character before they are supposed to die, and make something that is not meant to happen…happen. We’re at a beach, I think.

            No, we are at a dock with several boats, where gigantic fluffy popcorn shape clouds are pretty relaxing lying in the light blue sky. A sky, which has not been given the heavy dark gray thick atmosphere, utterly and casually fine in the dictionary of human beings. When danger lurks and watches as they, bad guys, rule over the land as it’s dark as some unpleasant robot who does not like eggs, nor cares about others at all by iconic villain standards for the past decades.

            “Three days, and those cops are idiots!” The scrawny skinny man, Travis, jokingly said.  “No  wonder the disappearance of the men from Alcatraz has stumped all the federal officers. They are stupid!”

       My gut’s saying this dude must be named Dave H.Travis…Don’t know why this came rolling in my head. He reminds me of that lady from this supernatural book where these invisible parasites actually were feeding off pain not the life of humans, but, that aspect of them dying came from a very bad woman…I think. There’s so little my memory serves ,but, the book had been good.

            “I hate to burst your bubble, but, cops aren’t that much of idiots.” I burst Travis bubble.

            “Say’s the woman who’s insane.” Another, who’s name comes to mind as Adam Hend, comments sounding much of a strange-evil kind of man that would be portrayed in horror movies.             

            “I am not insane!” I protest. “My mother had me tested.”

      The men cracked up.

       “Nah nah nah.” Travis said, as something enormous towers over him. “You’re losing it woman, that’s why you are staying—“ Fear replaced the current atmosphere.

       “Here for the cops to get you, or the insane asylum.” This snicker you wouldn’t hear from an average person comes out from him.

            “Uh…uuhhhh.” The men and I are gaping, pointing upwards.

            The high pitch man laughs.

            People who had been there had deserted the beach anyhow, where a gigantic dark shadow covered over approximately a big totem and light pole combined. Actually a little over Animated Bumblebee’s height like when the shockwave made Animated Bumblebee fall back as if he was paper, I had reached that clip two or three times due to the big animation. I had it set strange.  


            “What have you gotten scared about?” He mockingly asks the group, being so outrageously cocky. “Cat got your tongue? Or have you found me to be irritably right than those dirty scorned cop—“ He is grabbed and eaten by the tall transformer before anymore could be said. Wow...New moment in life has been witnessed, great, this is making me feel sick. It’s horrifying for an average human—and Transfan—to comprehend.

            We may be shaking.

            “You.” The Transformer dropped the legs of the scrawny man.  His feet are much like a dinosaur. The ground slightly trembles when he moves his feet. The torso area around his dinosaur head is actually fangs shielding robotic vulnerable areas from being ripped out. His left arm is a gigantic needle while his other arm is massive protruding wires and scales from his dinosaur mode. His claws are unbelievably small! The dinosaur parts are almost everywhere on his body.

            He comes more forwards.

            He has a head container like Oil Slick.

            His armor is dark brown.

            “Hello….Creator.” He said in a disliking, menacing kind of  manner at me, specifically. “Remember me?”  My eyes widened when recognizing this mad looking transformer--whose helmet seems to be relating on his mad-wacky scientist side—with small, skinny feet. His upper torso is heavier than his small lower area. He points at me. “You brought me with you!”

            My entire body is shaking.

            “Rex…Rex..Rex-5?”  I stutter, in complete horror. There are signs of drool in-between his feet claws being suited for slime rather being what they appear to be. His dinosaur tail could be attached to his back as a suitcase or something to hold his captive specimens as any regular scientist would bring to conceal their most precious test tubes.It scared me; my ear can pick up the sound of teeth jittering.

            He nodded, faintly making sounds that a dinosaur would make if they had been part robot.

            “Yy-y-y-you brought this monster?!” A man exclaimed, more like shouting into my ear. “YOU MADE HIM!”

            Wow, he must be a loudmouth.

            “I…specifically created him to be Avenger’s old friend, and was merely a spur of the moment when I had been writing a better version of Transformers and Transformers Animate—“

            “What the hell are you yanking about?!”

            I glare at Adam H.

            Wait, ain’t Rex Five a Decepticon? Doesn’t he have the Decepticon Symbol on some part of his body? Woah…Something feels off…Some images are going through my head… “Remember Chicago….Report mysterious Alien activity to this number…They are watching you.” Several posters; Several, and several seems to be, as they list; Apprehended, unknown, slain, and a X mark. What in the name of Bona-wep-mini-bome is going on? Is something leaking through a hole in the universe into my head? I’m not a space raft of knowledge, that’s what the universe should know!

            “My name is REX-5, you pedistol.” Rex growls at the man. “I can eat you alive as I did to your friend.” He faces me. “I want to go back. We’re after the Allspark, child. And the Autobots should not get their hands on it. We need it more than they do.” His small ideally impossible digits retract in and outwards. “You almost look like Leopride when she’s a teenager.”

            There goes a red face. Frag.

            “She’s…you?” He looks, gasping for a sense of disbelief.

            “Basicially.” I shrug my shoulders. “It’s easy to write about her because she’s basically me, all in all.”

            “AHHH!” He shrieks, stumbling backwards. “You’ve inserted yourself into the actual continuity!”

            The men are chuckling. “I have not….Rex,” I reassure him. “There’s going to be a space bridge be used in 2011 in Chicago…No, it’s the place where Abraham’s statue is located sitting in a seat.” I mused to myself. “….That statue was taken off shortly afterward by whatshisname.”

            “…So he’s staying?” All of the people around me say at once. “GIRRLL!”

            This is one rad monster party, for sure.

            “Go make someone a monster or something till then. You can always recalculate the time frequency and which time you want to appear in your universe—“ I get interrupted by no other than the mad scientist himself—He’s really more wacky when it comes to experiments….Legends say whoever entered his home would never been seen the same again—than other the man who created frankenstine. “Or whatever you do these solar cycles.”

            “I hate you.” Rex-5 growls, the claws attached to his feet spread apart.

            “I hate those rocky candies.” A man commented, sounding as if he had been complaining to another escapee.

            “I love those!” Another adds.

            Rex-5 turns away, but not before I saw the wedged outline of a laptop attached to his calcneal. “Give me the laptop, and you guys better run or be dispersed by the time I get online.”  I bluff. “I can do karate. Hi—wyaah—“ In a minute they were gone leaving just a dust trail that makes me cough. So much for my karma. Actually they ditched me by using a big boat that had a powerful engine that slips through the top of my tongue when attempting to remember.

            “Quite the bluffer I see,” …I just perfectly pulled off a lie without smiling…what’s wrong with me?  “Humans are not easy to trick as they claim to be.” He handed me the laptop from his heel. It seems to be complex and so cybertronianish, it may have not been human made at all. He made longstar, a femme, who has a broncohosaurus dinosaur mode, to be who she is in my fanfiction exclusively meeting two monkeys named Rope and Twig. Who found her after she had been recently experimented as a test subject. LongStar had been a partner of Anaconda, a dark gray and golden Decepticon who has the snake mode of a cobra.

            The giant T-Rex starts to leave me.

      “Dude, um, one question!” I shout.

      The Dinosaur growls.

            “One question,” His voice, clearly irritated, replies in just the way a not really likeable scientist could react. “Just one.”

            “Why am I here?” I finally ask. “Why don’t you have the symbol on you?...”

            His optics dagger at me. “You idiot, you never decided to add the symbol.” He replied.  He takes in a sigh. “I got here with another mech…You know him…He was a brave young fellow, Avenger, isn’t he the one who dies a lot?” It’s as if he read my face. “Ah, he is.” I brought my Oc’s with me? Just two? Then….this may make sense on some stuff. “He died in 2008 by the Autobots when they were hunting down Decepticons.”

            My heart shank.

            “…No…” My oldest, veteran character was dragged into this world…and he died….

            “We came in here eons ago, figured you were going to be here, but you are extremely late.” He emphasizes on the late part. “He didn’t think you were not separated from your own imagination, but, had gotten on the wrong space tunnel after…I cannot tell you any more,girls. Goodbye and make use of that laptop.”

            He leaves me.

            There’s only one of me, where did he come up with girls?

            My heart is broken. Shattered and crippled into pieces.  I gulped, leaving tell-tale streaks burning down my cheeks. “All right…let’s see if Lennox still has that website up.” It’s fairly easy to balance the laptop when walking on sand. Who figured watching television would actually come in handy knowing sand is really hot from being exposed to the sun for a fairly long time. Scientists and directors, that’s who, and freelance writers who wrote for what made media the true thing we have today. Inspirational quotes such as “Those who have incredible amount of wealth have all the above struggles in life as do many people in life, so we are not alone. Nor is everyone immortal.”, “Death is not the end, but the beginning.”, “Until all are one.”, and  “Hello, I’m the Doctor.”

            Avenger’s dead…he’s dead…He’s never coming back.

            He’s really dead.

            So much mixed feelings.

            The screen showed pictures and other proof Transformers exists, my stinging sockless feet were getting a fair share of a bad sun tan. Almost as a not ‘win-win’ but a ‘lose-lose’  kind of attempt. One time when I had been watching an episode of Psych I had heard the kitten being handed  from Gus to his other dude and it said, I swear, “Help me” instead of a kitten meow.  Because I know you know I ain’t telling the truth your sweet ambition will psych you out in the end! “..Hmm…So they are all over the world helping the government not land into a situation they landed in and ultimately killed their planet …” Passing by people is a thing of my skill, because ignoring them and avoiding them is just easier than how others complain it to be. I may be become an actor or a writer, or a singer, my past incarnation I had been a African American, a struggling wife, who singed for money on the streets of New York.

            Her husband wanted money. But she didn’t want to give any to him because she had been saving the money for her kid. So he shot the woman in the head then dumped her body over a city bridge.  I don’t really know what happened to him and what else happened,. What  I do hope  is that a cop solved it without prejudice or seeing through her poor lower class appearance wearing a big dress and all. She had been a nice lady, a stubborn one who didn’t do as people ordered her. I guess I get that from her. Nice to know… If people say these things; dark skinned, chocolate skinned, and whatsthosetwowords are racists. Then why are they used to describe the person in writing? How else would you describe their skin? Would you say it was like a potato? Olive colored? I’m not a racist person; I’m only a writer who tries to find a way to work around highly descriptive paragraphs without insulting or offending anyone.  So there’s a gaping bridge that must be conquered in writing.

            Oh…There’s….Avenger. OH MY PRIMUS WOLFNIGHT’S THERE TOO! Wolfnight’s a dark blue and dark green werewolf that has black skin whose part Cybertroian with attractive-mysterious purple eyes from the animated universe. The home of all roots for me. So is Knucklehead,.So is Rackshock. My eyes are playing tricks on me. It must be a trick. A complete utterly-…Is that…Midreaper? The Cybertronian who can go through dreams as Freddy kruger? He’s…alive!  My eyes are not playing tricks on me. It feels so exciting to know my characters have lived there--..Oh my..primus. There’s…Longstar. Anaconda….They lived. THEY LIVED.  So many mixed feelings. I can see some of their shells on the photographs. I am tearing….What a rare emotion.

            I replied on the forum:

            Hai Agent Simmons Simmor or however you spell it, I know you are telling the truth and that Transformers have been around for years. They have been around since the age of bicycles being one wheeled.  I’m from another universe, but, there are a few things I can’t remember. Oh by the way…Bumblebee is not the ambulance. He’s the sleeknonbigversion of Herbie being yellow and black. His name is not spelled Bumbuhbee. It’s B-u-m-b-l-e-b-e-e.   In case you get awfully suspicious about me. You won’t have an already focused in IP address, this laptop will be discarded without question in the nearby trashcan.

            See  ‘ya! ~Speedy.

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