This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.


42. Black Lagoon

A/N Apologizing if the chapter sounds really confusing.But this chapter won't be in parts. It will  be  a complete long chapter.


            Starscream could have sworn he heard Ivy’s voice when the ship split into half, losing power on the other side where Robustshell had been in a group with other Cybertronians. The other side continues to function when the lightning outside made oil become an electrical fest that consumed the other half. The other half horrifiedly sinks into the oil sea.  Megatron starts coming towards the broken area, however Starscream including a few other Decepticons kept him from going after her.

            “I have to go after her!” Megatron roars, his optics blaze. He didn’t react that much when rookies like Robustshell came into their factions. Starscream couldn’t understand what made Megatron act this way.

            “You’ll kill yourself!”  Starscream argues back, pointing his index finger at the leader. Starscream saw it as a selfless choice that would be a grave disaster for any plans that are ahead. Even Starscream didn’t have a clue where to go whenever Megatron’s ‘secret’ plan is initiating. “We can’t be left without a leader.”

            Megatron stops, astonished he heard Starscream actually make a valid point. The Decepticons who were preventing him from going right after Robustshell right by their efforts.He had to acknowledge what a leader should. Megatron’s flaring fire slightly gives out as he said “…Fine.”They watch lights from the other half shine brightly until it’s no more just covered in a dark oil sea. A sea that is debatable to be compared with tar.

            Megatron quickly makes another decision,“Starscream, you take a group into Black Lagoon’s oil sea for Robustshell,” Megatron sounds really intent. “If she’s offline…so are you.” Megatron pointed at the seeker’s chest armor using his rather sharp digits.

            Starscream held back his audio.

            “Why… do you care about her?” Starscream asks, attempting to get information out from Megatron. “Come on, it’s been eons since I ever seen you like this. You never are like this.”

            Megatron apparently ignores Starscream’s questions.  “How’s the engine been running?” Megatron questions the smallest scout. He kneels down just to hear the small cybertronian who’s really a small speaker. “How can it have missed it completely?” He looks at the small outdoor themed Decepticon who is shaking. A whisper came through this tiny little one.  Megatron stands up.

            “I expect you got her back when I’ve returned from the generator room.” Megatron said, suggesting a very wild possibility that he wanted her back right now completely all together in one piece. “Missing nothing at all. Is that clear?”

            “That’s clear.” Starscream knows he hasn’t seen this reaction from Megatron at all. “DeCREPON, “

            “Yes sir?” A slightly tall mech asks, his optics is smaller than his servos.

            Starscream looks to the mech.

“How big does it take for something to get in and out the oil ocean in storm?”

DeCREPON looks at Starscream using his ‘Are you crazy’ look.      

“Is that a trick question?”  DeCREPON questions him, as Starscream grabbed his shoulders. He became immediately fearful. “Small! Small! Small!” Starscream lets go of DecCREPON tossing him into a crowd of smaller and larger Decepticons.

Starscream’s optics did not share a pleasant reaction towards him.

    “You-coxyigeal-seekers!” Starscream points at a small seeker group. “You will help me to get Robustshell and get the other half out!” He points over his shoulder. Interesting fact to know the radias is connected to the Ulna at different sides of the arm. Asides from that point; some seekers in the gigantic ship are very useful to get a buried lost ark out a tough situation.

The seekers flew into the storm dashing by electrical strikes.

“Her signature is in there!” One the bulky ones exclaims, aiming his blaster right at an unusual abnormality part of the sea. There are boulders sticking out to the side. This is one of those instances where seekers require precious time to find their target before time is up. And that is is their only chances to potentially recover others from a devastating split. Once a ship crashed and remained in the black lagoon for centuries it essentially becomes part of the climate.
          The Seekers join in a group swarming around different sides of the broken in half ship. Other Decepticons who had been unfortunate are on the floor, either stuck in place, or unconscious. Robustshell’s figure is seen slumped to a wall’s side. They must pull it out in less than 5 minutes before the oil had become hardened to the vessel. Starscream directs each seeker how to lift the gigantic ship. And it is heavy.

“We must be out before 10 minutes,” Starscream reminds the seekers through comnlink. “If this is not successful then…You understand perfectly what will happen.”            

Some grumbled in reply to his comnlink.

“Now, let’s get out of here!” Starscream is part of attempt to bring the ship right back out with likely a dozen seekers from big to small—yet they were not big as the ship itself—at any part of the ship. It took their combined strength to pull it out.

From out the oil ocean, the view is a marvlity watching a ship’s half flying out blinking its dim lights ever so briefly. It’s too extraordinary to be true; a large wingblade dripples oil droplets, the electricity going on in this storm makes the background  become extremely white then dye down into a dark sky shattered in thunder,and the Decepticon’s figures are seen holding on.


A thunderstrike hits one of the handiest Decepticon, Loudhorn, in his back. This strike goes down his Cervical, then the Thoracic, and last the lumbar vertrebrea section. His back is damaged in the position-standing condition not really sever but a critical damage. Under Loudhorn’s armor his parts sparked bright yellow. When it ended Loudhorn couldn’t hold on anymore.

    “…I can’t hold on.” Loudhorn usually spoke in a loud  voice, however, this voice is a whisper through comnlink.

    “LoudHorn!”  Swerzdfirght starts, his vehicle mode is a official modernized form of the Dr 1 flight plan—only difference here is hard armor--  and a clear resemblance to it’s World war 1 counterpart. ‘Aces’ were given to fight pilots who had more than five or more kills in combat back then.  Swerzdfright is right beside him. “You can hang on, just a little longer, the back end isn’t out—“

    Loudhorn’s muscles are aching desperate to stop right there.

    "I…It’s…too painful.” Loudhorn tells him. “My wings are the only thing keeping this…shell to even fly.  Swerzdfright, please do it.”

   Swerzdright is flabbergasted.

   “No!” Swerzdfright turns down his offer. “I won’t do it.”

  It’s been three minutes.

“I can’t really participate in combat by this infliction, kid-o.” Loudhorn finally admits to Swerzdfright. “Not ever. Please do it for your sanity.”

            Swerzdfright has not really offlined a fellow Decepticon before, but, seeing how Loudhorn has been rendered vulnerable. Due to his lack of a protection to his back unlike many Decepticons who have wingblades joined to the thoracic region. Swerzdfright’s mathematics processor processes how it should be done just under 9 seconds.

             A hard choice; for a Decepticon who hadn’t killed before.

         Swerzdfright triggers his blaster at where Loudhorn’s spark should be hidden under.Electricity’s part in this storm easily makes this event clearly unhearable. Loudhorn’s optics turns lifeless. His digits let go from what he had been attempting to pull out. Loudhorn’s wings no longer received a life signal so they shut down. Loudhorn’s shell fell into murky oil ocean.

            “HARDER!” Starscream orders through comnlink, involved in the effort.

            A giggle is heard between some seekers, “Doesn’t anyone get a dirty picture when he says that?” is audiably heard from one of the Decepticons. Starscream is seen to be scowling at one pair who did not exchange a dirty conversation in whisper. His attention is diverted back to the situation in hand. Seekers and seekers working together for one single purpose: Get out a spaceship.

            “Don’t --…” Starscream experiances some force shot into his body. What is happening? The Seeker struggles to prevent whatever has entered his shell from taking over. Whatever you are…stay out! He hears a cackle. Some form of familiarity came into Starscream’s processor. The entity did not have a pleasant time inside. His optics flicker from its blazing brightness to a darkened dull red. “…Owch.”     

The Decepticons pull the entire ship out the murkey oil, ocean-like  body.

    ~                             ~                                                ~

     Megatron became concerned when strange things happened within the ship. One of those things was Starscream didn't act like himself. Scout reportedly claimed Starscream slapped himself like he was trying to clear his processor and said "She's back" with little to no clarifications about this she. The sisters found Starscream to be rather off explaining about the cybertronian tissue using the word 'thing' several times.

     Starscream made them all frightened when the words, "Your seeker is so not mentally strong for me to beat, don't you remember that odd white solar cycle during the war."

   “I’m sending you to—“

RobustShell takes Megatron by surprise, grabbing his large servo, “No, that won’t be necessary.” Then she kises Megatron’s remaining lips not-so-expectedly and let go of Megatron’s gigantic servo. Robustshell ends their kiss. Her lips are seen to be a light shaded purple.A faint smear on Megatron’s mouth is partially seen but it fades away becoming part of his armor.

            She touches his cheek plating.

            “A dead femme doesn’t make me part ways.” Robustshell tells him, noticing his optics in a trance-like state. Robutshell snaps her digits. “In 8 minutes, you won’t be in this trance...Sorry Megatron, but it’s for your own good.”

            Metal feet are heard echoeing down the hall.

            “Come here, little pretty.” A higher, more femme pitched version of Starscream’s voice is heard.  “I need your little ‘cute’ shel—“

            Robustshell growls at the sources direction.

            “Shut it.” RobustShell raises a digit, as the possessed figure stood in the hallway. Robustshell’s other servo is seen to be shaking visibily by her side. Her mood is not patient or completely brave, but really mad. And slightly scared what may happen. “Get out Starscreams shell!”

            The possessed seeker looks to Robustshell.

            “I see…so much mystery around you.” The possessed seeker remarks, being sly than ever in Starscream’s shell, walking forward towards RobustShell—it seems incredibly creepy when the possessed seeker leaned in . “And that smell…I can fix that easily.”

            RobustShell pushes the Posessed seeker away from herself.

            “You have four minutes in that shell.” RobustShell holds up four digits. Her optics is dead on the possessed Decepticon like a tiger stalking its soon-to-be prey. “Don’t make me kill him.”

            The possessed Cybertronian came closer to RobustShell.

            “Well little femme,” The possessed Cybertronian begins, in an untrustworthy-female voice. “If you care about friends so much, just shoot ‘Starscream’ and get it over with.”

            RobutShell’s servo is shaky.

            “Ah,”  The Possessed Cybertronian grows a curved, long grin. “You are vulnerable and...”---The possessed Cybertronian laughs at RobustShells weak point as if it were a child’s playtime failure-- “Can’t shoot down a Decepticon!”

            The possessed Cybertronian presses the trigger for RobustShell and had his digit on her palm long enough it tansfered a spark that hadn’t fully been passed on. A red surge spirals through RobustShell’s body when Starscream’s cladded down on the floor. Robustshell’s optics died down into a darker red tone.

            Megatron shook his head, as RobustShell stood upright.

            “RobustShell, stay away from him!” Megatron takes the femme away from a barely conscious Starscream. The Femme came to his chest.Megatron’s spark senses there’s not a right thing in this situation.

            “It’s not RobustShell,” The femme corrects him. She puts her long sharp claws on his chestplating then looks up towards Megatron. “StuntViel.”               

    Megatron’s optics are deeply backfired.

   Stuntviel backs away, her optics fueling oil dropllets from her obvious cheek plating. “I’m so, so, sorry.” She said, confounding herself into an emotional situation that she never wanted to be in. Megatron did not understand Stuntviel’s comments at all. “Good luck finding her again.” She looks away from Megatron attempting to not show her weak wide towards something that may not be explained at all. Not yet.   

   She takes back those feelings bottling inside her body.

   “I’m sorry, but this is my body now.”

     Megatron watched her jump out. Out from the ship in her inkblotch crystal material form.  This time I am getting her! His digits clench into a perfect hardened fist. Regardless of his broken state being his vehicle mode now a abandoned outdated truck, Megatron still has the means and energy to rise up and fetch something from the impossible.

       Arrowl and her other sisters came to the hallway where a large gaping hole can be seen.

    “Where did she go?”

    Megatron growls.

    “Back there,” Megatron did not like this at all. “She’s suppressing Robustshell! I must go back for her.”   

    He starts going forward, but Mountiany stops him using her her massive arm.

   “No way.” Mountiany said, as Starcream came with the others. “Who’s this ‘she’ again?”

   Starscream can easily see what kind of predicament Megatron is in. Mountinany and her sisters are now out of Megatron's way. No longer in his way to go after the in-controlled femme. Scout on the other hand is hiding behind StoorageBait from Canocopy because he did a completely wacky-impossible dare. Some Decepticons in the room could feel a chill go down their vertebra's and scapulas.

    “StuntViel….” Megatron growls at the mention of the femme’s name. “A disgrace as a Decepticon.”

   Starscream’s optics seems relatively small.

      “W...You…had StuntViel’s shell dumped here? Starscream said, remembering why this planet is a bio-hazard in the first place. Starscream puts his servos on his helmet. He is rather horrified by what is coming back as he takes some steps back.  “Instead of burning her body  in the pits where it belongs!”

      Megatron shrugs.

    "The pits would have become infested by the blackness," Megatron explains to him. His teeth grit together hinting this decision was his only choice.  The Fallen had actually explained to him thoroughly how letting her bio-hazard shell be dumped into the hottest core would be a dangerous consequence. "The pits would never be use-able."

   It made him shudder to hear such truth come from The Fallen. If a Decpticon leader knew grave results that should not happen then telling the truth is terrifying. They usually told lies and were skeptical to tell the truth. As in the real deal. Starscream's left servo rubs his cheekplating sorting out that first revelation.

“She’s dead…and she using Robustshell’s shell.” Starscream repeats the scenario. “Why?”

     The femme’s all glare at him.

    Because it could be bluntly obvious.

   “I’m going after her.” Megatron announces, he is more defiant than he had been back before Robustshell and the girl had come into their lives. He is not that much of a coward anymore. He is a leader. A leader who now takes risks to do things that aren’t really likely to come out great. “And I will do it.”

            Starscream is initially against it.

            “I cannot see how you can get Robustshell back without dying.” Starscream tells Megatron, he is worried for worried for his leader as a Second in command cybertronian should be.He possessed what worry a friend should have. “A spirit bent on possessing a shell…is a dangerous thing to attempt sending the spark back to the pits.There must be two involved to send the posser back.”

            Arrowl steps forward.

            “I volunteer to help, Megatron!” Arrowl boldly said, her chance to even survive is incredibly slim.

            Her sister’s spring up remarkably fast for their age, but PlayerSwitch and other Decepticons kept them away. One half of the ship is still missing so there couldn’t be others sticking to the side. The sisters plead with Arrowl saying there could be another way. Arrowl’s left servo is strangely larger than what it is in comparison to most femme hands.

            “I need to do this, sisters, I’ve been sparked to do something like this for decades” Arrowl said, then turns towards Megatron. “We should be going before it’s impossible.”

            Megatron transforms into his cybertronian jet mode then flew off into the oil sea with Arrowl in a later air-plane model smaller than his. Megatrons model is much larger than average man-made transportation vehicles. Arrowl’s sisters are crying about her sacrifice.  –S-S-SPLASH- is heard as the two dived into the oil-pit. The sea is much different. As if traveling through a hallow shell it can be seen there are decomposed bodies, parts of old ships stuck in space practically un-aged. 

            “Her signature is coming from an oil cave.” Arrowl tells Megatron through comnlink, her radar is bright and clear. “So tell me, again, who’s StuntViel?”

            They are flying closer towards the mouth of this oil cave.

            “An old ‘friend' who had the right motives, but wrong intentions.” Megatron hastily flew into the caves mouth.

            Arrowl flew after him, as part of what covered her burgling left wing blade armor, flew off almost floating in mid-air within this oil ocean. The armor becomes rusty, yet there is a forever left behind gas trail that falls down to become some long lengthy rail material. From the ship we can see Starscream persuade the seven sisters to a training workout with the other mechs minus a maze.

            Our scene transfers into a cave where Stuntviel is customizing Robustshell’s body on a computer in front of a cylinder. There is some rock-cybertronian-made furniture around the room. There are helmet seen on the table marking resemblance to others from different incarnations of Transformers universes; one has a football helmet style with a black line and a jaw, A yellow helmet with two holes where horns should be and some right at the top of this helmet, a blue and gray helmet similar to Optimus, and some others.

            “I can fix this body.” StuntViel remarks, feeling the sides of her torso. “And make it so very sleek, and oh, the curves will be so tolerable!” Stuntviel does not like the stocky body shape that belonged to Robustshell. She smirks on her decision making.


            StuntViel’s optics briefly deactivate then surge to life.

            “No, you won’t fix her shell!” Megatron’s bold and heavy voice did not inflict StuntViel. Another splash came from behind him. It became apparently clear that Megatron has feelings for RobustsShell and they were not able to be broken by taking her body away. He didn’t listen to a word Stuntviel had said.

            Stuntviel chuckles, turning herself towards the two‘s direction.

            “Hello, dear.” Stuntviel greets them, waving her servo slightly at the duo.. “You here to congratulate me?”

            Megatron is mad.

         "Since when do dead femme's just act like there's nothing wrong?" Arrowl said, in a way that gave off that this femme is not what Arrowl expected.She points straight at the posessed femme and earned a spat from StuntViel. Not all Decepticons did like being pointed at. Those changed widow like optics gave a Arrowl a pretty good reason. "...Nevermind."

        “No.” Megatron angerly said,not taking a liking to what changes she's done to RobustShell's body. The fury in his optics is a death sentence that most humans could want to escape. They showed no mercy. “The opposite.”

            Stuntviel’s smile fades into oblivion.

     “After all these stellar cycles…you still turn a blind optic on me.” StuntViel scowls at Megatron; she is refering to the Great War on Cybertron. Which Stuntviel had participated in when she had been online. Her optics are well adjusted to the height and visibility in this cavern-like room.Stuntviel presses a square button underneath a barely recognize-able stone table.

        Megatron crunches metal that had slide from the walls which initially tried to close on them.

        "Ooohhh!" Arrowl understood her intentions all completely. It made sense to her. StuntViel had wanted to impress Megatron. But Megatron was not interested in Stuntviel. She glares at Megatron. "You are making a lousy excuse to make enemies!"

         "Not at all lousy." Megatron said, in a voice that has a growl trailing it. 

  It happened fast, but  all Arrowl could see in this split-second event was Megatron use a Smokebomb making Stuntviel cough then destroy the big cylinder objects. They resembled elevators without the big cables helping them up and down. Now they became smashed. StuntViel takes out a small remote device with a big scanner sphere in the middle.

    "I can do this in a second, and make it permanent." StuntViel  remarks. "And then I can be in a real body when I have sorted many of these things out. Oh yes, you should be thanking me for the Great Wa--"

 Megatron slams Stuntviel into a wall.

         “What you did made everything a living nightmare!” Megatron sharply tells Stuntviel. His glare is furious. The least that can be said is he has had enough from Stuntviel. He prevented her from moving out from him.

            Stuntviel frowns.

            “I did not.” Stuntviel protests, “I did what you wanted—“

          Megatron crushes a small device into bits.

        "I never wanted the allspark's extra defense be used against us," Megatron opens his servo letting all the pieces fall apart. He flips over his servo letting it fall to the floor. StuntViel's optics grow in shape and widen a bit. She looks to the crushed floor and to Megatron.

       "I did what you wanted." StuntViel said, in angered voice.

      “What I wanted?” Megatron sounded as if he did not believe her. “It’s more like what you wanted. I did what the Fallen had wanted—but you, YOU made all those victories into nothing!”

            StuntViel studies his optics.

        “She’s really changed you,” Stuntviel said, shocked by her own studies. She is referring to RobustShell. “From a coward--”

            “I was never a coward!” Megatron denied,holding the femme up more. “Get out Robustshell!”

        Arrowl came to Megatron’s side as Stuntviel shook her helmet, letting what remained of tears down.

            “Huh, hired an assistant?” Stuntviel sarcastically asks, as her optics are watery. “To kill her and me?”

            Arrowl laughs.

            “No, I’m not an assistant.” Arrowl said, her arms folded behind her back. “Megatron, ready?"

           Megatron looks over his shoulder to Arrowl.

         "Yes." Megatron said, with a nod. He knew this event had been decided. The only way to get rid of a wondering soul that hadn't crossed over and had to be sent there is by doing something that wouldn't have been expected. So expected it could just startle anyone into asking why would such a thing be done to a loved one.

        Megatron punches at the chest area literately sending Stuntviel out, taking a step aside.

       A purple round ball flew into Arrowl's body.

      "I know  her secret,"  StuntViel's voice comes from Arrowl's shell. Her body is shaking as she embraces herself. "And it will hurt you."

     RobustShell's unconscious body lands against Megatron's chest like she is sleeping.

     No, RobustShell does not snore.

   "You know what: I don't care." Megatron tells StuntViel. "So what other secrets does she have? Robustshell  does not have anymore secrets to tell. I know them all. I can trust her. I never trusted you." Those words were chosen selectively for StuntViel.

            Arrowl smiles, but a side of her face is dismay.

   "And unlike you..." Megatron said, in a way that indicates this is something that comes from the bottom of his spark. "If Decepticons ever became in endangered due to returning on Earth. If I loved    RobustShell...I would let her go."

     Everything StuntViel had been building for all these stellar cycles had become shattered.

     'Stop fighting me!' StuntViel screamed at Arrowl. Her mood is not in the tolerable one, She couldn't stand femmes who got in her way.Mechs getting in her way would have given different fates in her presence (Even during the war she was a opponent not to taunt) and suffered cruelty in her servos. 'what do you see in this helpless situation? Nothing just a femme who is not--'

            “A femme once told me…” Arrowl slowly spoke, feeling pain from her processor. Arrowl had interrupted the femme in thought. A shriek from her mind lashes out and she yelped. Stuntviel’s presence did not go well in this femme’s shell. Arrowl’s entire shell is shaking. “…Even a villain can be a hero in the darkest hour.”

            Megatron held the much-asleep Robustshell in his arms. He saw a big part of metal drop from Arrowl’s now revealed servo that is no longer bigger than it is supposed to be. The neon-green numbers start flipping down similar to a big countdown. She’s been planning to do something like this for quite awhile by the looks of it.

            “NOW GO.” Arrowl held a bomb attached to her left servo. “Don’t make this anymore harder as it is already!”

            Megatron rushes away from the very-much-in-pain femme.

            'Are you insane?'  Stuntviel shrieks, mad at this femme who is so headstrong and determined. She could not believe this femme, this femme held on so strong on her body just to prevent StuntViel from taking the upper hand. 'You want to die?'

            Arrowl watches the green lights ticking down: 5…4..3…2…

            “No….I’m just saving lives.”  Arrowl remembered what Starscream had told her. Her optics seems to be watery. “And it’s well worth it sending you back to the pits where you must return, missy!”


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