This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

This is Crazy: Book 1. I have seen all three movies, Transformers movies. A Transformer, in the fandom of Transfans, means gigantic alien machines that can scan vehicles and become them, hence, becoming Robots in Disguise. They are not the powerboxes that you see on the poles. They have sparks, which generate their personality and life being extremely vital to living itself. And then there's the Allspark, the cube. I have seen the first movie several times directed by Micheal Bay, the worst director ever. Why? I'll get to that, as soon as this Dark of The Moon is about to end.


27. Bad to the bone part 2

September 15th, 2008....

 “Holy slag, what did I just do?” Megatron finally mutters, confused in his own decision. He yanks out the spider webs from what are covering the mouth of his cannon, in process his own servo get wrapped in thick-spider webs. Megatron shook his helmet.  He did do his worst mistake yet.  However, Porcupine's selfish act didn't make sense to him: At the moment. "We have to get them back,"

   Torturer kicks himself out the cocoon then fell out, landing on the dark gray concrete holding up a mobile-radar built device. "Things are going to be much easier!"  Torturer declares. "Finding Spider's hide out. He's been here longer than you would have thought necessary." The other Decepticons glare at the show-off.


    "Decepticons,move away!'  Megatron orders his troops, as seeing the racers’ coming up a head .He is referring to some of the others who are stuck to the ground. Megatron quickly goes to the side of the road.

    Starscream looks up letting his faceplate turn white cold. So he rolled himself to the other side of the road. "You two-floor-manaics, stop fantasizing The Star Wars horror story!" The seeker shot at the under layer of the cocoon that sent the two babbling Decepticons rolling backwards. This...was not expected. Starscream's action resulted in the racing Velocitronians getting into a terrible car wreck. Megatron himself did not seem to be pleased by this loss of troops.

   "We should...really leave our crime." Paranoid remarks, he sounds quite nervous and not at all reassured.

    Megatron turns himself at Torturer's direction as the surviving racer speed past them. "Guide us to Spider's lair." His optics is burning in fueled hatred. I will end Spider's life when we meet him again."I will not be treated as a coward or his toy."

    A blue   Audis R8  with two green stripes connected  to the headlights stopped right in front the Decepticons. The Trunk retracted out so two big legs unfolded from the top, car-doors retracted to become complete arms, the transforming vehicle stood up as the car hood aligns to the back, and last a femme helmet comes out from above a shining Decepticon symbol. Starscream recognizes this femme at first glance.

 "Override?" Starscream said, stunned to see her alive. "It's been stellar cycles since we last met."   

  Override waved him off. "Megatron, are you here to take this..." She's attempting to figure out a word that fit Spider. She looks at her servos for a second then looks back to Megatron. "Strange cybertroniann? He's been a major distraction for the past month!"

"We are." Megatron assured her, actually referring to everyone. "He won't be a problem anymore."

        ~                                 ~                                   ~

     Spider threw Porcupine into the wall after he is beamed to his lair. "You little rodent, get away from me." Spider snarled at the Decepticon who tried. Porcupine's back is easily heard to have cracked -c-c-c-CRAAAAAAACk sharply followed by a vivid yelp from him.  "So weak," Spider's extra leg kicks Porcupine afar. Porcupine's faceplate (His face) gets dents and bruises. "So vulernable."

    Porcupine's optics winces in pain. "We are... above half organics."  Porcupine claws at the floor as Spider's incredible strength pins him deeper into the floor. "You're just a mistake. A terrible, unhumble mistake." Spider bends Porcupines arm backwards in the position it should never be at all, then hooks it onto a curled metal wiring poking from the cracked-stone ceiling showing images that had been carved perhaps eons ago. Porcupine is in terrible pain.  "Eaaahch!"

    Spider's muletiple optics glow a dangerous color associated to danger and horror. "This is why I hate Decepticons." He covers Porcupine's mouth by a free thick spider web from his own. "Now shut up while I get the little brat to die in your presence." The look on Porcupine's faceplate is a fearful one where his two optics are shaking. Spider's servos tossed aside a little object that had fallen of Megatron's chest plating in the shape of a popcorn ball as he muttered, "Stupid creator; Megatron's fallen for his own doom." 

       The purple energon like popcorn tumbles in between a crack in the floor.


    Ivy's starting to awake, her hazel eyes seem odd briefly.   "...Systems booting up." Ivy said, in a strange chant. Then, her eyes returned to their curious formation. "Ow...Maybe I should lay off attracting danger like Daphne, only a little bolder." Ivy saw a unexpected change from across herself. Is that...Farmer? A groan from the mech made her entire body go white. Ivy's body is shaking in fear. "Ho-h-hhhoholy slag!"

      Farmer's body has strange markings all over. "You...ungrateful human." Farmer growls. His optics display fury and anger all at once towards Ivy, "You mess up everything!"

      "True that, my existence has kind of-sort of brought illogical-questionable events into this universe." Ivy said, her eyes wondering around.  She makes a brief pause. "My life may be horrible, but that doesn't mean I'm ungrateful."

         Farmer's experiencing utter pain.

        "I want to kill you."

      "Too bad, ding dong, you're strapped to a table."   

      Without looking at him, Ivy knew she ignited a flare from within him.   "Hey, you are smaller than me!" Farmer snaps at Ivy. It didn't take things slow for him to think she has a mischevous look on her face defying wicked logic branding this universe for all time. He heard laughter coming from Ivy. "Don't you dare laugh at me, unimpressionable organic!" How badly he wanted to kill her can be measured in megowatts if connected to a power generator.

         "Oh sure, like you did with torturer," The girl is laughing in a mocking manner. "Not a chance!"

         Farmer despises Ivy. His razor sharp digits attempt scratching what is keeping him on the table. "Tell  me....about those made up." He said, just to pass the time. Anyone could tell Ivy's eyes had widened just by watching her from a screen.

          "Are you sure?" Ivy's eyebrow is raised up.

         "I'm sure to unicron!" Farmer swore, "Now speak!"

          "Okay." Ivy sigghs. "My first character that was a spider was named Mysterious Prime. Who I gave to a Transfan on Da. Avenger, he started out as Animated Waspinator until he was turned into his first design--don't ask." Farmer shot the girl a glare as he attempts to get himself free from the table.  "I drew him a lot and he ended up offline countless times, just to release my depression."  Farmer is sawing at the metal. "Jessica and Maxagone, twins raised by two different beings. Maxagone was raised by Blackarachnia. Jessica had been raised by...I can't remember. But I do remember she fell in love with some jerk--oooh yeaah Sentinel!" Ivy grins, ”I remember this fondly because I made a chapter where they argued. Best argument I ever made since it was so bad."

        Farmer is lightly hitting his helmet on the table. Am I going to be offlined anytime soon?

         "Someday, there will come a day where other people want to read new things will say "Oh that user just writes about her persona, same thing happens each time', so I hope the next Transformer series I can start out using a different character somewhat similar to me but not complete, not having my first name but something with  Brookes in it." Ivy rants. "You've really got to step into the conversation dude."

         "Continue." Farmer heard Spider coming back.

         Ivy groans.

         "Oooh boy, Wolfnight." Ivy grins. "He started out as a mysterious background character who I later continued  due to develop because people like mysterious characters. I also remmeber a character I have not made yet; Knucklehead, a Scientist Transformer who can steal other cybertronians powers, on July 4th 2011. A pillow fell off my bed. Rackshock--A femme with one optic---was made two weeks later. Rex-5 was created some weeks ago because I didn't have a mad scientist back then...I recall. I wanted to have my first dinosaur OC who would be useful for horrifying chapters featuring other characters."

       Farmer winces feeling pain going through him. Kakakreeeek. The metal flew off hitting Spider straight at first pair of optics.

       "And then came Arachpod,...who I have not made yet...Basically she sounds like a mutated-plant-spider me." Ivy apparently didn't pay attention to Spider's loud-apparent yelp. "There was this evergrown fascination with torture and mutation that developed from the spider episode on Transformers Animated."

    Farmer flipped a giant table into Spider's optics that it nearly blinded him. Farmer yanks Ivy from the table then he ran to the right side of the hallway that had inadventurelly been switched similar to a maze. "If this does not work out Farmer, you may never be able to obtain the rank of an official warrior, and however, if there comes success I will gladly promote you" The recalling promise by the Fallen drifts through Farmer's processor. Ivy's repeated questions are tending to annoy Farmer just as they had escaped. If there did not come success the Fallen had strictly said Farmer wouldn't ever be who he is right now.

    "Do you ever shut up?" Farmer's sinsiter-creepy optics gaze at  Ivy, passing by several unusually shaped wall pieces somehow standig out from what they had been constructed to be part of. Spiral shaped  plates are stack ontop each other at the corners where doorway decorations were missing--meaning it had been ripped apart--ontentinally

     "No," Ivy continues the 'o' as if it were perpetual. "I can go on and on--"

     Farmer covers Ivy's mouth.

   "Do you ever get terrified?" He asks, only wanting her to answer through muffles.

       Ivy shrugs and muffles something Farmer could not even hear. Farmer uncovered her mouth,

   "Sure,"  Ivy looks over her shoulder. "I get scared...." Her eyes drift away. "By ghosts..." Ivy finally took the time to look up at Farmer then get a horrified expression. Ivy covers her eyes  just to prevent an image from being imprinted forever in her mind. "U-h-h-h-h...why do you look so up?"

       Farmer's shoulder ached. . Farmer grumbles to himself . "I can't offline Ivy here." He rationalizes. "Too much in pain." Farmer looks back to Ivy, as he kicks a long wrench object right to the side of the hallway partially moving a slight pipe engine part in his foot out of place. "Have you ever came across your culture defines as...Egomaniac serial killer?"

      Ivy makes a disgusted look.

    "Ewwww!" Ivy waves both hands in front of her. "That's more disgusting than the images I had seen on my hacked account!"

      Farmer did not bother asking what Ivy meant.


     The exits are blocked. Farmer came to a halt a few inches away from the hard metal door partially from his faceplate. He lets Ivy go from his servo then fell backwards unexpectedly.Ivy landed on the floor. However, unlike an expected fate anyone could conclude, Ivy actually got up holding up her right foot.

       "Great,now I broke my right foot!" Ivy hops to the wall's side then leaned against one flat metal plane.

     "Torturer is here," Farmer's voice is hoarse and painful. "His energy signature is not moving."

    Ivy's got her hands wrapped around both legs. "Wa-a-a-a-as it that painful?" Ivy sounds frightened and--her eyes getting watery from her pained leg--scared, and unable to speak properly. She can be viewed as a child who hadn't grown up mentally regardless of how old she is, or how she is supposed to be acting. Ivy's eyes are like puppy eyes that have been hurt. But it's important to notice her eyes are directed in a different direction.

        "What do you expect?" Farmer glares at Ivy, earning a gulp from the girl.  He leans his helmet against the wall. "A fluffy setting? No  human, this is the real world. Our world. Our world is not soft but grim, terrible, and awful. It comes with the shell." His breath is clearly seen in the room as if it had became utterly cold. "Do you even have what it takes to be around us?"

       Ivy's eyes went cruel cold. No longer 'Joyful' eyes; they were tokens of something else. A skilled attacker always needs their preferred weapon. Ivy forces herself climbing up every twerch jerking through her leg makes it a difficult task altogether. It'll be easy when you rip out something from the wall to fiddle with the wiring.Ivy quickly ripped out a big piece of metal. The metal hit the floor. Ivy took off another flat surfaced metal that revealed some wiring in red,green,blue, and yellow.  Her eyes briefly show a different color like using information from another source rather than her simply-crazy brain.


         -                                                                           -                                                                      -

       Outside Spider's lair.

       "Are we there yet?" Bugger, The Decepticon, bugs Torturer. His headlights are bright  being extremely oval shaped, his wheels are attached to his waist, another set of wheels are seen from under his car doors to the back, his entire 'skin' making up his body is mainly mechanical parts belonging to a black-red Dune buggy.

        "No." Torturer said.

        The Decepticons are in a ancient cave version of Velocitron's racing tracks but underground.. Megatron halts in his tracks. Everyone who is behind him are bumped into one another. There are complaints heard from them. The darkness isn't a problem for the others but having the main cybertronian stop in front of them is a big problem. Starscream rubs his already sore helmet while Freaker is freaking out as his name likely meant.

      "Is there a gigantic spider-house in front of us?" Freaker freaks out, his optics are so small it could be the source of his freakouts and worry, His legs are jittering together creating a 'zzsiiicrrcccgh' sound from the metal rubbing against one another. He is the strangest Decepticon one can ever observe when from afar.

     Megatron growls, "No,"  Megatron turns back towards the others. "We are right on top his base."

     Torturer looks down to his radar.

     "How can that be so?" Starscream looks at the radar with Bugger, Freaker, and Paranoid. "Freaker and Paranoid, get your own mobile radar!" Starscream snaps at the duo.

   Torturer scratches his helmet shyly when Freaker and Paranoid back away mumbling about something.  "Um sir, I hate to break it to you but it's just a few miles away,"  Torturer's voice is low and squeaky, practically belonging to a shy individual instead of a Decepticon who is very cruel towards others. Torturer's personality is a classic example of a individual who is misjudged by their personality including their looks.

    The other Decepticons take three steps back from Torturer.

   "My spark's telling me--" Megatron  uses his big left foot into the floor sending big sharp rocks into Bugger's optics. "--It's right here!"

    "AH my optics!" Bugger complains, shielding his optics.
      The Decepticons look through the hole similar to the cover on Holes. Their helmets are seen different not the exact same to one another. Though the dangling-dead tree roots, cybertronian-shell- skeletons loosely hanging from the sides, and lastly light gives sight to some of the Decepticons dents that came from exploring the ancient passage-way. Megatron himself has some bent helmet armor that is pointing in the wrong direction.

          Bugger trips from his lacking eyesight.

          "Where are we go--"

          Bugger falls through the hole.

      Bugger lands squarely on his faceplate.

         "Eeek." Paranoid stands up. "I am not going to jump into a snake pit!"

       "There is no snake pit, Paranoia!" Starscream dubs Paranoid,  Starscream slaps Paranoia's back hard enough the smaller Decepticon falls into the hole.

      "AH--Of!" Paranoia lands on Bugger. "Great landing!"

      Megatron smirks, seeing Torturer's steaming optic. Hah, I'm right, the spark's usually right on location anyway. "Decepticons, jump in!"

       Megatron is the first to jump into the hole. He lands into this white-gray passage way that has these gear shaped doorways that are unusually light blue. Megatron's spark told him they were somewhere in the hallway not in another room just simply in a quarantined section. The k---K-Klang  from several Decepticon's landing behind Megatron did not bother him. This does not feel right. If they are in the hallway…Why am I not hearing?...

   "What's the worst quality that you hate about 'Ivy' ?" Megatron asks the other Decepticons, his entire direction is turned towards them.

       There is no hesitation invovled.

       "Her nagging!" Bugger said.

     "Ivy's nonsense about us being fictional!" Freaker flails his arms.

     "Her ranting," Torturer quite simply put in. "When she starts...Ivy never stops!"

      Megatron folds his arms on top of another. 

      "Do you hear anyone getting annoyed by her?" Megatron finally asks the group.

    The group listens in to the silent hallway.

      "No." They all said.

    Torturer's optics flicker in realization.

     "Are you saying she's finally dead?"

     "No," Megatron shook his servos. "I meant as in; Quarantined."

                 T-T-T-Ttap tap tap tap

      Freaker, Paranoia, and Bugger attempt climbing up the wall when  mere sight of mutant spiders are seen coming down the hall. Megatron blasts his cannon at the upcoming mutants that seemed to be so delicate but an absolute resemblance towards tentacool and that Decepticon from the first movie all alien like. Starscream stomps the surviving spiders into clutter.  "Hah! They are mutant Cybertronian insects, we are better than them!" However, some climbed up on the wall so the three climbing up were sent back down ending in a wrestle match between impossible opponents.


      Torturer and few unnamed Decepticons wrapped the little bugs into a hairball like formation

            "Hello creator,"  A voice comes from the intercommn. "You're back for your own doom?"

             "It  has a 'name'." Megatron's cannon draggs against the floor. The Energon popcorn flew up into the air. The Decepticons who did not have lunch quite simply stared at it so Megatron shot it down.  Truthfully he hated organics, including Ivy, yet Megatron can not figure out why emotions are coming for her. It's an impossible thing to have been done in Megatron's "We'll be having energoil when we get back,nameless noobs."       

          Torturer and Starscream share a shocked glance .

       "He just spoke...internet."  Starscream acknowledges, shocked by this revelation as he too is shocked. "Megartron, are you okay?"

      Spider's laughter is heard.

      "You actually do care for your doom!" Spider repeats, "What next? You going to interface with--"


    A pair of speakers is destroyed.

    "Tsk tsk tsk," Spider's voice is heard  from the hallway. "You will be lucky to get out--" The lights dim to a dark neon blue. Scurrying from some parts inside this futuristic underground. tunnel creates loud  fearful noises easily compared to rats scurrying across the floorboard. Megatron did not budge an inch from this intimidation."Online."

       -                                                         -                                            -

     Porcupine's crawl space is fairly limited, however he draggs himself across the floor towards a huge computer monitor. What pain he is going through could not be not described thoroughly. He reaches the gigantic computer monitor that has a large-vast keyboard. Porcupine  hits his feet on the keyboard simultaneously releasing gigantic mutant zebralions. Must...change my direction. Torturer's energy signature is beeping on his radar with a smaller one in tow beside him. She's still online.

      Must...strike...the red button!  Porcupine's large spikey foot struck a rounded red object that is very close to the edge.

   -                                                 -                                                        -

   The Decepticons shot at the huge beasts that have came from out of no where. Megatron's actually taller than Starscream almost perfectly described as a beast of the cybertronian race, however, he is not when the viewer themselves are gigantic robots. Megatron's huge sword is taken out shaped somewhat similar to a key object that has  a pointed edge. The battle of Hastings could never be compared  to this scenario where blasts are shot at upcoming robotic like zebra-lion hybrids--Which are mostly males among them-- literally tearing through armor.

     Megatron slices the first one in half when it had came straight at him.  Megatron's spark tells him earnestly  they are just down the hall a ways from Ivy and the other Decepticons. He takes a living zebralion by both his gigantic arms then he ran straightforward into a room right across from the choatic scene. Buz-zuzuzuzuz The lights went out in a flicker. The quarantined doorways are opened but in the midst in pitch black.  The doors behind him slammed shut  in a heezzeecccch screeching loud fashion.

   "Glad to see you've joined me for this last time, creator." Spider's voice breaks the air, not literletly, but  ended a frightening-creepy silence. "Lake Silenco, remember that? Oh yesss I do.  I first awoke there from  that time hole."

    Megatron can not see his opponnet.

   "What time hole?" Megatron said, looking around. He did not recall sending him into a timehole during the war; Spider was sent through a pod to a deserted planet where he could die,however, the ship Spider's pod had been in was hijacked then sent to a totally different course. Spider assumed Megatron wanted to ditch him in modern day Earth--A different version--which Spider found his way back to his natural universe. "Show yourself, coward!"

    Murrmbbble murrbb!

  The Fallen's apprentice is hit at the face plate. Megatron tumbles back rubbing his cheekplating.  He's not going to be the one who stands at the end. The Decepticon who did so much for the Fallen could not afford letting his mistakes get the best of himself.Large pipe shaped objects poke out from the walls. Strange, odd noises follow the pipe's entrance that have themselves pretty obvious due to their bright light gray colors mostly resembling a lunar eclipse by a long shot. There he is! Megatron slices off  three spider legs attached to Spider's back.

   Spider screeches in pain.

    Smoke drifts from the pipes poking out from the wall. Porpcupine's body is outlined at the corner pretty banged up at least.  This is entirely Ivy's doing from  the hallway's exposed wiring. This can very well mean anyone can have control of en entire base/spaceship just by simple tubes or wires part of systems that shouldn't be removed.  Megatron can now see his own creation almost clearly to finish him off. -ZZ-R-rccch His sword drags on the floor leaving a large crater shape scar possibily going through two layers of the floor.


     Spider's body hits the doors. Megatron  slices Spider's  body in half as he held no mercy towards those who wanted to thwat plans that shouldn't be internvened. "You...are overkill." Spider still manages to speak. "Have you no mind about killing in one strike?"

    Megatron  throws his sword into the system control panel. It sent electrical sparks everywhere that somehow aided in forcing the emergency generator online. His optics belong to a leader who would not give a crap about what others think in how they die. This body language told Spider that his creator is not taking any more chances in how he kills his mistakes.

   "You won't make it out, online."  Megatron tells him, as Spider had said through the intercomn.  He aims his cannon at Spider's helmet. "At all." 


  Spider's head is blasted off. It spins on the floor three times before settling down to show dead optics no longer bright in life, merely dull as it can be. Liquid drips from the head  drip drop.However there is still

   "Torturer, get rid of Spider's spark in the most cruel manner possible." Megatron orders, without looking up to the Decepticon who had recently entered the room.

      Bugger tipps over as did Freaker and Paranoia. Starscream shook his helmet ashamed about these so-called fearless newbies. Torturer abruptly takes out tools that can be useful for human medical surgery.  "By the way, do whatever you want for him." Megatron pointed behind himself leaving the room.  Porcupine is totally white when Megatron had given Torturer the order to do whatever he wanted on him.  Starscream drags the  Decepticons who fainted from the room that shortly closed itself after they were out.

      "Buttheads, wake up!" Starscream kicks the duos's helmets.

        The two unconcious Decepticons are groaning.

     "Um..Who do you think made the lights go out?" A unnamed Decepticon asks, this one is really the smallest Decepticon around. This Decepticon does have a name that's pretty much DeCREPON with the vehicle mode of some Mustang. A person  can easily mistaken said Decepticon's name as Decepticon if they had been up late and had bad eyesight.

         "Farmer." The other Decepticons who hide in the most unlikiest places said at once.

       Megatron rubs his forehelmet.

    "Don't even tell me how they hid." Megatron groans, walking forwards.

     When they came to the duo; Ivy had filth all over her body, though she didn't happen to make any jokes about it. They had found her sitting on a long piece of metal wall material. It became apparent that she enjoyed fiddling the interior mechanical wires and connecting them to different colored cables. Farmer, on the other hand, didn't have the best condition at all. If there is any better way to describe the scene it could be demostrate by witnessing it. And noticing a rather large hole exposing some pipe sized objects seemingly broken. 

       "Uh.." Starscrean rubs his helmet,his facial expression is bewildered   Starscream's voice sounds unsure and confused as his high pitch voice easily indicated. Starscream looks at Farmer  like he had not met him before. "Who's he?"

     Ivy tosses a wrench over her shoulder

     "You have got to be kidding." Ivy pinches her skin. She then sighs accepting an really bizaar situation., "Starscream, your optics could be glitching on you."

       "My shoulder hurts," Farmer complains, unable to stand up on both feet.

      "I order you to tell me who this is!" Megatron sharply demands, not lightly taking new individuals as newcomers but as possible threats. His voice had almost sent a boom through the hall sending little insects to flee.

      Ivy folds her arms.

   "He's that 'Con the spider dude took." Ivy put her right leg over her left.  Little dew shape liquid begins pouring from the edges of Ivy's eyes. "Oooowwch!"

    They were in disbelief.

    "Is the organic telling us that freak is?..." Freaker starts saying, totally lost in all.

  "W-w-where can I get a sledgehammer tt-t-to murder those strange organics?" Farmer starts acting strange.  Megatron couldn't understand this strange revelation that this odd looking cybertronian is indeed who Spider took." pr-r-rprocessor is broken. Guaach!"  His left servo makes  asudden change bending outwards instead of staying in it's natural position.

    "What did you do, to him that Spider did not, Barbarian?"  Freaker bravely takes a question mostly cowards may have not asked.

   “I have a nickname ‘ya know!” Even being on the internet has affected her speech and being around the Decepticons did have a slight impact on how fast Ivy spoke. Ivy’s eyes show a ‘hard-to-believe’ look.  “Are you losing your mind? Is there a chain in your compactor? I may have a dark imagination but I did nothing.Owch.”

     Starscream rubs his forehelmet.

    There's an eerie silence.

     "If he is as 'she' said he's who Spider took..." Megatron finally broke the eerie silence.  "We should leave  the Speed Planet at once--"

      "I can't walk properly!" Ivy interjects quickly,  waving her arms wildly. "Annnddd some'cons don't have really long, relaxing seats."

      Farmer's complaining makes Ivy cover her ears like the other Decepticons did. Who all knew who is taking Ivy back to Cybertron. It could be best to say Farmer's sitting not standing due to the painful sensations changing his body piece by piece under their own knowledge.

     “Come on Farmer, don’t be a whiny butt.” Starscream told him, snapping his claws.

            Farmer clutched his shoulder.

            “E-e-easy…for you to say.”  He couldn’t feel a bone in his body. His optics was frozen. He feels helpless to what’s going on in his mind being changed internally by power, corruption, and a deterioration of his sanity is making pain out of the blue. “So…much…pain.”

              Ivy groans, “What the unicron makes a Decepticon complain that loud?"

             Farmer collapsed, completely.

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