3000 Miles Away


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     I sat in mine and Keaton's shared room, watching Adventure Time on my laptop. There was a loud knock on the door, which caused me to jump, and my laptop to almost fall off of the bed. "It's open!" I yelled, trying to calm myself down. A sad looking Keaton walked in. "You scared the crap out of me, I hope you know that." I chuckled. He gave me a slight smile. "Can we talk?" He asked. Oh shoot. "Yeah sure." He sat down on the edge of the bed and faced me. "What's up?" I asked. "Uh, well..." "What is it?" I asked. "Well... We're going on tour." He looked down at the ground. "That's great! When?" I asked, smiling. "Uhh, 2 weeks..." My smile fell. "Oh..."



     That was 2 weeks ago. Today is the day that they're leaving for their #Bandlife tour with MKTO and Jackson Guthy. Keaton is currently putting his stuff in the bus with Wes and Drew. "Are you almost done?" I asked Keaton. "Yeah." He put his last bag down and walked over to me. We stood there hugging for a while. "C'mon Keaton! we have to go!" Wes yelled. Him and Drew both ran over to us. "Bye Rayyyyy!" Wes hugged me. "Bye Wes." I went over to Drew. "Bye Drewski." I hugged him. "Bye lil sis." He kissed the top of my head before pushing me over to Keaton. We stood there for a second before I jumped into his arms. "Do you have to go?" I asked, the tears filling up in my eyes. "I don't want to, but yeah." I pulled away from the hug to look at him. He was crying too. I crashed my lips onto his for the last time in a few months. "Keaton! We have to go!" Wes yelled. He pulled away. "Promise to call me every night? Or Skype me?" I asked. He nodded. He pulled me in for another hug. "I love you." He said. "I love you too." I told him. "Bye Rach." He said. "Bye Skeaters." I waved. I watched as he climbed on to the bus and they drove away. I closed the door behind me and slid down to the floor, my sobs escaping my mouth and filling the quiet, empty house. These next few months are going to be hell.

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