The girl with purple eyes

Violet Hanes and rose Dixon are two best friends who have been dreaming of moving to England when they finally do they bump into Niall Horan and the other boys at the store looking for cookies. Niall instantly really likes her but so does Harry. Will the goofy couple make it? Or will Harry plan to take this girl away from Niall too?


9. the club

*violets pov*

I went into the club and went straight to the bar

I'm not a alcoholic or anything like that I just wanted to have fun and have no worries for tonight I mean come on I just had a bunch of stuff put onto my shoulders give me a break

This waitress come over to me

"Hey Hun what would you like to order" she said with a country accent

"Surprise me" I said

"Sure thing darlin be right back" she left to go make the drinks

"A pretty lady like you shouldn't be here all by yourself" I turned around and this guy a lil older than me stood there

"I have a boyfriend go away" I said being as snobby as I could I only wanted a drink And alone time that's it nothing else

"Sure you do come on babe let's dance" he was now touching my back

"D-don't touch m-me"

"Aw do I make you nervous"

"No you make me uncomfortable now leave me alone" I spat at him

"Don't tell me what to do lil lady"

"Fuck you" he slapped me. Hard. Tears fell down and I got up to leave but he grabbed my arm and pulled me outside toward an alley her hen pushed me against a wall

"Leave me alone please I just want to leave" I begged him

"The only place you'll be leaving is with me"

"I will never go with you"

"Your funny lil lady you think you have a choice"

He started sucking on my neck and putting his slimy hands above my vagae gae

"Stop leave me alone HELP PLEASE SOMEBODY" he slapped me hard and dropped me and started kicking my stomach I couldn't breathe I was crying the last thing I heard was a ear piercing scream

Then nothing.

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