Dirty Little Secret

Austin Irwin is Ashton Irwin's seventeen year old little sister. She has a little secret, a dirty little secret... With someone known as Calum Hood. How long will they be able to keep it from Ashton?


1. Austin Irwin: Character Analysis

Austin Irwin

Age: 17

Appearance: green eyes, curly long brown hair, freckles, tan, curvy

Height: 5'1

Style: high waisted shorts, baggy jeans, muscle shirts, tank tops, beanies, vintage tees, obsession with Converse

Personality: loves to smile and laugh, eats a lot, very bubbly

Likes: food, dancing, beach, hanging out with the guys, swimming

Hates: peanutbutter(she's allergic to it), cold weather, short skirts/dresses

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