Why Would I Do This

Arania Frank is very confused in helping a certain Draco Malfoy. Sure they hate each other. Or do they? It's supposed to be a secret that they are friends. And only Pansy, Blaise, Malfoy, and a little Crabbe and Goyle know. Arania is also best friends with The Golden Trio; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley. (And all the other Weasley's.) She is really CONFUSED and scared of what will happen and who will find out. Hermione tries to convince Malfoy not to fire Hagrid when that AWESOME hippogriff injured his arm while he was in the hospital. He ends up liking her company. But what happens when he finds out her secret. Her secret that Pansy and Blaise know. Why did Blaise invite her to Hogsmead with us. Why is Pansy ok with it

This is my fourth movellas


6. Telling Harry

Arania's POV

"Professor, may I use the lavatory"?

"Yes of course Miss Frank" she answered. As soon as I walked out the door i ran o the Gryffindor Common Room. I muttered the password to the Fat Lady. I saw Harry and Ron playing Wizards Chess by the fire. "Harry. Can i talk to you"?

"Sure Arania, Where"? i made him get up and we walked over towards the portrait hole and i put a silencing charm around us. 

"Um, Harry. I-I-Uh," i racked my brain on how to tell him"Can you see if Dean Thomas has a crush on me? Since your his friend and i trust you"...... I trailed off

"Ya of course Arania. Do you have a crush on him"? he asked curiously

"Maybe a tiny one" i started to feel shy

"Oh" he laughed

"So can you see if he likes me"? I asked hopefully

"Yes I'll do it right now"he walked away. Crap thats not what i wanted to tell him. Why did i just tell him that? No it's really true but I don't know why I just told him that. It's alright i guess. He won't tell anyone. Not even Ron. OH MY GOD! Transfiguration starts in two minutes! i rushed from the Gryffindor common room. "HARRY, RON. TRANSFIGURATION" I yelled running out of the room and down the corridor. 

"OH NO" harry yelled swooping his books of the able and running out.

"Bloody he" ron shouted as ran out too

"People these days" the Fat Lady sighed as she watched the trio run down the corridor. Me Harry and Ron. wow thats weird to say because Hermione usually does that. I feel like I'm taking her spot. We ran in. Mcgonagall was about to talk. "Miss Frank, 20 points taken away for almost being late" My mouth dropped open. That was so unfair. I'm not going to let her do that.


"No buts"

"But Professor Mcgonagall, how come Harry and Ron aren't getting in trouble"? everyone gasped at my boldness

"Miss Frank if you want another 20 points taken away I suggest you sit down" I was about to say something else when in walks Hermione. Who looked actually pretty. Her hair was sleek and was lighter and redder in little curls, she wasn't wearing baggy clothes that were three sizes to big, they were her size (size 3) her skirt reached about two inches above her knee. She went to go sit down in her usual spot but Lavendar was in it.

Hermione's POV

I walked out the door of the Common Room to go to Transfiguration. 10:10 Oh well, after class I'll tell Mcgonagall why I was late. I came in and was going to sit down but Lavendar was sitting in my usual seat. So i sat down by Seamus since it was the only seat available because Seamus always blows up whatever it is he's supposed to work on and no one wants to get blown up. Well except for Dean no one wants to sit next to him. Huh.  Thats funny Harry isn't sitting next to Ron. They haven't had a fight that i know of. Harry is sitting next to Dean. i sat down and sighed. Everyone was still looking at me. Why? I looked down, a piece of my hair fell from behind my ear. It was reddish brown. Almost like... no it can't be. I conjured a little mirror. i looked at it horrified. I tried to look calm and walked up to Mcgonagall's desk. Whispering i said "someone knows" she looked up alarmingly

"Oh no"

"What do i do"? i asked freaking out forgetting to keep my voice down

"Tell Potter and Weasley your not feeling good and go to Professor Dumbledore"

"But i can't let them see me any more than people have"

"Tell them in a note" i nodded my yea and grabbed a spare piece of parchment and a quill from my bag. 'Harry and Ron I'm going to the hospital wing. not feeling to well' then i levitated it to them. when i was out the door i ran to Dumbledore's office. I came to the stone gargoyles trying to remember the password oh ya "Chocolate Frogs" and they sprinted apart revealing a spiral staircase. I walked in to see Fawkes sitting on his cage. He squawked letting Dumbledore know someone was here. Dumbledore came out of his study.

"Hello Miss Granger" he smiled

"Hi. Sir. Um"

​" No need to explain Miss Granger. I am well aware of your current situation". he said seriously." Now we need to figure out who knows" he said"Who have you been with in the last hour"?

"Um Fred and George but i saw both of them none of them ever went behind me" I said remembering.

"Then who else do you think did it"

"I don't know"

"then it has to be them" he reasoned

"I guess so"

"Okay so now I'll need to owl Mr. and Mrs. Granger how to put the Glamour Charm back on"

"You Don't know how" I asked in disbelief

​"It's different in every family"

"Oh"i didn't even know that "How long will it take"?

"Well we need an owl to get there, then wait for them to respond, then the owl has to come back. So i say about a day..."

"WHAT" i couldn't believe my ears i have to be like this for a WHOLE day. AND the transformation isn't even complete. By the time i wake up tomorrow everyone will know who i am and what i really look like.

​"Don't worry by the time you wake up tomorrow and with the help of your time turner you will have the Glamour Charm on you" he said trying to calm me down.

"Okay. Professor i will be going now. I have some business to attend to" I was thinking of the best way to punish Fred and George. I had the strange feeling someone was looking at me like if they were reading me. I looked back up at Dumbledore. He was smiling at me

​"Very well Miss Granger. You should sneak one of their candies and give it to them" 

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