Angels That Lead Us To Heaven (Sequel to The Runaway Angels)

Lily and Taylor have been abused by their father and escape to go start a life of their own. That all changes when they fall in love and their father finds them. This story is a sequel to The Runaway Angels, and consists of tragedy, healing, love, and how friendship comes through in times of need. Read to find out what Lily and Taylor have to deal with, and how they can fix their problems with the help of their best friends


2. Chapter 2

Taylor's POV

      "Lily..." I said, after a moment of the telly's sound filling the room.

      "Yes, Taylor?" she answered.

      "Do you feel safe here?"

      Lily didn't respond right away, but then answered, "No. I'm afraid Father will find us one way or another."

      I nodded my head, and turned my attention back to the screen.

      After about half an hour, there was a knock at the door. Lily and I looked at each other, unsure to open it or not.

      "Taylor, it's me, Love." I recognized that voice anywhere. I rushed over to open the door, and immediately embraced Louis. He was always there to make me feel safe. A tear slid down my cheek.

      "I'm glad you're here," I said.

      "Why? What's wrong?" He gave me a concerned look.

      "Nothing, I just don't like when Lily and I are left alone."

      "Well, I'm here now, and you're both safe. Lily, Liam will be here in a little bit, he just had to run some errands." Lily nodded at Louis, her expression softening a little.

      Suddenly, there was another knock on the door. Louis turned around to open it, but it opened itself. It was Paul with a girl, who I was told was their hairstylist. Her name was Lou, and the few times I talked to her she was nice.

      "Louis, we have to go. There's been some new information released on the subject. Girls, Lou will be here with you to make sure nothing goes wrong." Paul smiled at us, and I gave a small smile back, not feeling so safe anymore. I trust Lou, but I feel safer with Louis.

      I hugged Louis one last time, not knowing he wouldn't be back for a while.

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