Sun Folwers 'The Triangle'

Daisy got superpowers. She's a undercover superhero... and she got two boyfriends.


1. The girl in the background

I remember that day when I fled. The muted light in the almost empty hall said that the dusk fell over the land. I sat down between the rows of chairs  when several spectators turned into my direction . One older gentleman put his finger on his lips asking for silence. I pulled the black hood of the sweatshirts down onto my face. They didn’t need to know. Nobody had to. In the center of the hall two young men were dueling for the semi-final of the championship. One tall and thin, the other strongly built and robust. One blond with blue eyes , the other with chestnut -colored hair and eyeleashes as chocolate brown as his eyes. They had different life stories , but they liked each other like brothers . Never before had they been put in front of a similar challenge that could once and for all destroy their friendship. And it wasn’t about the sport . It didn’t matter . The arrangement was the reason. The arraangment I suggested . A triangle, but not an equilateral one, with me as the center of their desires. I slept with both . Always with both and never with one. It kept me up on the surface , while I was like a maniac, walking on a dangerously thin line, so close to love. However, I wasn’t able to fall. I was balanceing between them. And they protected me from each other. And no one knew, except of the three of us. Suddenly Ben raised his head and discovered me in the audience. He sent me a bright smile . I got up. I decided to meet them in the elevator, on the way to the hotel.

    The forest was dark. The high peaks of the snow-capped mountains cast a shadow, so that only faint rays of light from above the distatnt forest appeared between the high, black firs. Daisy walked slowly. She was looking around uncertainly. Again, she went into the darkness of moss in the moist space of the cool forest. Far from the image of despair, she left in the wooden hut. Suddenly she heard the click of cracking twigs. The whole forest trembled. The nature shaprend its ears. The girl clung to a tree trunk. Not far form her a shape shot from the ground. He was probably a man. Young with a dark, scarred face. He moved his hand and huge rocks moved from the forest floor and flew toward the tree-tops . There rocks crashed, and after a while returned to the forest falling down as a stony rain . They broke branches and bark , and crumbled the trees. The man was drifting between them laughing out loud . Then he took off flew over the forest and disappeared . All he left behind was destruction. 
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