The Demons

Don't Let Them Cry.


1. The demons

He had been seen again. Scampering back into the impenetrable darkness of the Black Forest, Shadow hoped the babies who had seen him, were not in fact, the demons.

                           Some love was not meant to be, so when that love happened, and a child was born, the child was nota child at all, but a ... Demon. Now they roam the streets. They are still just like babies but, when they cry or scream, you are paralysed. The sound winds itself into your brain where nothing can get it out and tantalisingly slowing, if not instantly, you will be driven mad and ... Die. Nothing can stop them.

                            However, that is not the worst. They ask to play with you, but end up pulling you apart: limb by limb, muscle by muscle, until there's nothing left.  

                           Having seen it happen hundreds of times before, Shadow, was not prepared, or willing, to be their next victim. So, slipping on his camouflage cloak, which was black and green with splodges of grey, disappeared into the heart of the forest ... his home; his creation, where he lived by himself ... how he liked it.

                           Georgia knew what was going to happen to her; she had watched it happen to her mum and stepdad. Every night she saw it in her head, exactly what had happened: Screaming to her mum to put Joy down as the tiny baby pulled and dislocated every part of her mother; coming home from school to find her stepdad pinned to the floor, agony stuck to his face, trying to cry out, say something ... before his eyes rolled back into his head, and he too was gone forever. She'd gone to stay at a friends house, warn them what was happening ... but it was too late.Everyone she cared about was gone. Killed. Because of babies. Babies who everyone used to think were cute and lovely; they had killed them. She hadn't found one that wasn't demonised. Contaminated. Not one.

                       Scavenging was the only way to survive, never the less, for them it was near impossible. They had no idea what kind of food they ate. Parents had given it to them before, therefore, they didn't know what was food they could eat and what wasn't. Some they could just swallow, others they choked on. And yet, they were the most treacherous creatures in this new world. This world where most adults were dead, pulled apart or paralysed, only children survived as they could keep away from these devilish creatures. Only children survived, and for what? To be haunted day after day, of their past, present and future.

                       Living on the streets was unmerciful and gruelling, you always had to be a where of everything. Knowing this, Georgia was a where it was a huge risk, however, still worked alone. Before, Kyle, a friend from what was once her school,had worked with her. They had been a great team, but then, they always had been, before the demons came. It was like old times, working together like they used to. But Joy came. Her own baby sister. Everything had been forgotten: The demons, what they could do ... everything. Kyle had picked her up, such a cute baby, and been pulled apart. Georgia would never forgive her sister for what she had done. Never.

                      Wandering aimlessly, in search of edible food, Georgia hadn't noticed the tribe of toddlers behind her. They were ready for the ambush planned and, luckily for them, she wasn't. However, Joy was among them.

                     Even though she was a demon, Joy, still recognised Georgia as her sister; not knowing it would ruin their attack, she called out to her, making Georgia a where of what had been planned for her. Turning round she ran, ran as fast as she could, not daring to look behind to see if she had lost them. She knew she never would, though. No one ever would. It was impossible. They saw you, they smelt you, they remembered you. And that was it.

                    She'd thought too much. She'd not been concentrating. Now she'd ended up in the Black Forest. However the babies didn't go in there, so, for now she was safe; apart from, from what lived in the forest.

                   Scurrying around in the dark, she saw a light; it was calling to her. She followed the dazzling light.

                  Shadow could hear something. He heard it every minute and, every minute it got louder and louder. Knowing it wasn't likely to be a demon ( as they seemed to be terrified of the Black Forest ) Shadow didn't know whether to hide, or stay put. Even though it was going to be a demon it could still be anything else: A wolf

                                                              Half an adult

                                                              Or something worse.

Still it came closer. His mind was whizzing- it could be anything.

                  Coming closer she could hear something moving. Somehow, though, it didn't occur to her that it might be something other than the trees and leaves around her, rustling. The light said safety. To her it was comforting. It stopped her pain: For Kyle, her parents, anyone she saw torn apart or paralysed. To her it said safety.

                  Having decided to investigate what was in the woods beside himself, Shadow, set off in the direction the sound was coming from. While trying his hardest to be silent, it was near impossible and, before long, someone called out.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

It sounded like a girl. Shadow didn't know whether to say something, but, in the end, he didn't have to as the girl stepped through a tangle of brambles so they could see each other.

                  Georgia nearly fainted with relief! She wasn't alone. Even though she hadn't seen anyone for what seemed like months- she wasn't alone! Maybe the world would go back to normal again. Maybe there was hope!

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