Harry's girl

All rights reserved xxx Harry's life is now being interrupted by an or phone child who stumbled upon his door step... But is there more about her parents than she knows???


1. chapter 1 xxx

Harry's P.O.V

"Louis, when is this interview we have been waiting for like... Hours!!!!" I said with a large outtake of breath.

"Harry, it's only been 5 minutes!" Louis chuckled then went to see the boys.

I got bored of waiting so I went on my phone and played a game."DAMMIT! YO-, BU-, ohhhh you stupid thing why won't you fly like a normal bird!!" The whole studio turned around and looked at me, I explained to them that I was on my high score at flappy bird then died.

They all nodded as if they knew the sorrow I was going through.

"Boys, we are ready for you now." A young woman walked us to our seats and I spied Liam looking at her then said in a girly voice "oh Liam, have a little crush do we?" I batted my eye lids and he looked at me with a red face then smacked my shoulder.

"What, as if she was ever going to hear that!" I giggled.

"No, but the rest of the boys did!" Liam said through his teeth.

After the interview, I went home because I was incredibly tired! But when I got there, there was a girl standing at my house looking in, so I asked her "are you ok?".

Bobbie's P.O.V

It was cold and I was hungry, I saw a house and took a chance to see if anyone was in, no luck.

I turned around to see Harry from One Direction, looking down at me "are you ok?" He asked

"Yeah, just cold" I lied to him, I wanted to hug him for warmth but I thought it would be inappropriate.

"Well, are you lost?" He looked worried so I told him the truth.

"Yes, do you know where I am?" I thought he would say something helpful but instead he said "England" he laughed to himself then he gave me a real answer.

"We are in London love, do you want to come inside and we can call your parents?" He smiled at me, I nodded then we went inside.

"So, where do you live? What's your phone number?" I looked at my shoes and then looked at him. I think he took that as an 'I don't know'.

"I ran away from my orphanage because I didn't like it there," I stared at my hands and then he said "what's your name, I'm Harry!"

"I'm Bobbie, and I know who you are because you are all over the news and every one always talked about you in the orphanage!" My face went red and I regretted saying that.

"Oh, well then, do you want me to call the orphanage?" He asked while picking up the phone.

"NO! I mean, no thanks. I ran away so I don't really want to go back." I was almost in his face, telling him no.

"Ok we'll do you have anywhere to stay, oh my god, what am I saying of course you don't, you ran away from your orphanage." Harry looked like he was about to cry, I guess he is a bit more emotional than I thought!

Harry's P.O.V

I felt really sorry for her and I haven't even known her for 5 mins, her face was the kind when you see it you think of puppy-dogs and cute things.

I want to keep her.

Bobbie's P.O.V

"Do you want to stay with me for a little while until we figure out what to do?" He said with a smile from ear to ear.

"Are you sure? I don't want to intrude on you and your mum." I said, hoping that he would say that his mum didn't mind.

"My mum is out of town for a couple of weeks so, it would just be you me and the boys when they come over." I smiled and then my face when red!

"So are you a big fan of One Direction?" Harry smirked then pretended to look at his nails.

"Not really...... But I like your songs!"I said that quicker that Jack Frost.

"Really, what's your favourite?" He looked deeply into my eyes as of it was the most important question in the world.

"Emmmm...... Story of my life I think." He started to hum it as the boys walked in and took one look at me then stopped in their tracks, whispered to each other then shuffled their way to Harry.

"Guys, this is Bobbie......."

"Farsher, Bobbie Farsher" I answered letting out a gust of my breath.

"Bobbie, this is Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam, but you probably new that!" He whispered a loud whisper.

"she will be staying with me until she finds out where to go." I smiled at myself then Harry told me to take the guest bedroom, he said I would know what room cause it was the one that was tidy(and the only one that said 'Guest Bedroom' on it).

I got settled then Harry came up. "So, what kinds of things do you like to do?" He seemed bored so I humoured him.

"I like to go to carnivals but, I have to admit, I've never been to one." I said it with a sad pouting face.

"We'll, let's go then!" He said with a gigantic smile. When I was outside, I never thought that I would be taken in by a boy, Harry Styles none the less and be going to a carnival with him. And the boys of course!

Authors note xxx

Guys, the next chapter will be out soon. I just have to think of a plot twist! Promise and please keep reading it helps me out a lot xxx

Jenmore xxx

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