Broken Promises. (A Larry/Elounor story)

One time. They had sex one time. Now all promises have been broken. Eleanor takes her and Louis baby away. But when Jade-Lauren Calder is 16; what happens when she wants to meet her long lost father? Will Harry and Louis welcome her with open arms when something tragic happens to Eleanor?


2. Truth

The boys sat around a table in the town hall. Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn and some other like Jay, Anne, Sophia and Perrie. It looked like they were having some sort of meeting. Although they weren't. They were just having a catch up seen as though they hadn't seen each other in months.

Harry and Louis sat close together, their fingers intertwined on the table. No member of Modest! were here, So it was fine for the boys to act completely in love.

"I didn't fall in the water!" Liam laughed and through his arms up in the air. "I was meant to do that, it was part of the dive!"

"If you call tripping over a ledge and nearly breaking your kneecap a 'dive' then you need help mate!" Niall patted Liam on the shoulder and chuckled.

Suddenly, the door booked open to reveal Gemma and Eleanor.

"Finally." Harry smiled. Been wondering when you two were coming!"

"Sit down." Anne smiled. Gemma instantly walked towards her mum and sat down, giving her a kiss on the cheek. Eleanor walked slowly up to the table, grasping her stomach as if she were protecting it.

"El?" Louis frowned. "What's up?" Eleanor shook her head and forced a small smile. Gemma hung her head as she spoke. "El. Come on, no bullshit. You need to tell them."

"What?" Louis asked. Eleanor shook he head instantly, not wanting to lay the news on them all.

"If you don't I will." Gemma said firmly. "El, it's for your own good chick."

"What going on?" Niall asked. Everyone was silent. Waiting for Eleanor to speak.

"I-I...." The words just wouldn't come out of her mouth.

"Eleano-" Louis began

"I'm pregnant...'

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