Broken Promises. (A Larry/Elounor story)

One time. They had sex one time. Now all promises have been broken. Eleanor takes her and Louis baby away. But when Jade-Lauren Calder is 16; what happens when she wants to meet her long lost father? Will Harry and Louis welcome her with open arms when something tragic happens to Eleanor?




Jade half danced-half stumbled around her messy room as she got ready for school. She sang along to the lyrics blurting out of the speakers.

"You've been taking up my mind with your lit-" Jade sang but was cut of by her mothers shouting.

"Jade! Turn that crap down, you're going to be late!" Jade rolled her eyes as she turned the speakers down. Her mother didn't approve her listening to this sort of music. She didn't really approve of anything that Jade does. It's not that her mother hated her, it's just lately she had been blanking Jade.

It's since Albert came along.

Albert is now married to jades mum. They've been married for about 13 years now. Jades mum always tries making her call Albert 'dad' but Jade knew he wasn't her real dad. She didn't know who was really. But she knew it wasn't him.

Jade checked herself in the mirror, smoothing her hands over her outfit of choice. She ran her fingers through her long, light brown, wavy hair and sighed. It was almost her sixteenth birthday and she didn't at all look sixteen. More like six. She had such a baby face and a tiny figure. She hated looking so small.

"Jade!" Her mother shouts. Jade calls back, telling her she's on her way. She grabs her backpack and runs downstairs. Albert was slouched on the sofa flicking through the TV channels and yawning loudly.

"About time!" Her mother sighed. "Your dad's taking you to school today, I need to go for a meeting."

"He's not my dad." Jade said firmly, shaking her head.

"Don't be stupid Jay. Of course he's your father."

"If he is then why won't you let me get a DNA test?"

"Because that's just silly! I'm pretty sure I know who impregnated me to give me you! Sweetie, don't be awkward."

"I look nothing like him. He's not my da-"

"Enough Jade!"

"Eleanor…" Albert soothed. "It's fine. She's a teenage girl, they're like this."

Eleanor sighed and shook her head. "Fine. Of you go you two, now you are going I be late!"

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who have read this story and commented on it! It really does mean a lot to me! When this story gets to 500 reads I will make a video/trailer for it so please share this story and keep commenting :)

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