Broken Promises. (A Larry/Elounor story)

One time. They had sex one time. Now all promises have been broken. Eleanor takes her and Louis baby away. But when Jade-Lauren Calder is 16; what happens when she wants to meet her long lost father? Will Harry and Louis welcome her with open arms when something tragic happens to Eleanor?


1. One Time.

Eleanor stared at herself in the mirror. Tears of guilt ran down her cheeks as she clutched her stomach. One time. It was just one time. They were made to do it. She remembered the day so clearly.


~~"You need to act more...close." A member of Modest! Management told them. "You're acting as if you hardly know each other!"

"We don't!" Louis scoffed and shook his head. "We're trying, okay?"

"Good. Just try and get to know each other more, do something that will make you more close."

Eleanor frowned. "Like what?"

"I don't know! Act like you're a couple even when the cameras aren't there, you know. For more practice. I don't know, have sex or something!"

The member of managements eyes lit up. "That's it!" He exclaimed. "Just try it once, just once, okay?"~~


Eleanor thought back to the events that happened only a few months ago. She felt awful. It wasn't meant to happen. They were just trying to get to know each other more! They didn't want anything to come out of it!

And now there she was, staring at her body in the mirror, crying at how much of a horrid, selfish person she was. She hadn't seen Louis or any of the boys since the events of that night. Her and Louis promised each other that they would never speak of it again. Mainly because Louis had previously promised Harry that Eleanor and him would only kiss. But now they had done more and the guilt was way too overwhelming.

Eleanor suddenly heard a knock at her hotel door. She was meant to be meeting the boys today but she has completely forgotten.

"El?" It was Gemma's voice. "El come on we need to go."

Eleanor didn't reply. She continued staring at herself, panicking. What the hell was she going to do now?

Eleanor heard a sigh from behind the door; then the handle turned and Gemma walked straight in. Gemma gasped as she saw Eleanor's body. Her stomach wasn't big, just obvious.

"El?" Gemma whispered. Eleanor stared at her in the mirror, scared.

She ended up blurting everything out to Gemma. Absolutely everything. She knew Gemma wouldn't judge her. But Gemma said something that Eleanor never expected.

"Come on." Gemma said as she pulled Eleanor of the bed. "Get dressed."

"W-why?" Eleanor frowned as she stood up.

"Because." Gemma began. "We're going got tell them. No matter how bad you feel of how much trouble it's going to cause. You have to tell them, El!"

Eleanor absentmindedly got herself dressed and followed Gemma out of the door. She knew what was going to a happen wasn't going to be pretty.

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