Ready for War

Ruko was a only child living by herself with her young 'sister' SeeU but when they take her away from Ruko this is where they cross the line and Ruko plans to kill all of them and get back SeeU.

(Inspired by the song Declare War on Voc@loids)


3. Day 3

So the UTAU group my own family won't help me. The bet Rook hates me but he was an asshole. I am going to go into the city and save SeeU myself but I need to blend in.

Ruko over and out....

I walked to the closest building and hid in the shadows I looked to see if I can take anybody but there was nobody. But I saw the cosplay store I jogged to it and tried opening the door but it was locked. I grabbed a rock and threw it at the window and the whole thing shattered. I jumped inside and saw a vocaloid outfit it even said vocaloid. Hatsune Miku? I looked the picture of her right next to the outfit she was shorter then me and doesn't look like me how am I supposed to do this. I don't have the same tattoo as her or even the same face but I will try I grabbed the outfit and changed into it. It was a perfect fit but the hair I don't want to do this but I have to. I need to cut it. Wait I got an idea I can let my hair down and change my outfit. I will have

The Tie of Miku

The shirt of Haku

The skirt of Miku

The shoes of Luka

I know if you imagine that it is a horrible mix.

I toke off my pigtails and my hair it up to my shoulders I looked in the mirror It kinda didn't make so I keep with the shoes of Miku. I threw Luka's shoes to the side and walked out and a boy and girl walked to me they looked like twins.

"What vocaloid are you" the girl said rudely.

"I am.....Hamu mehatune" I said smiling.

It is a combination of miku, Haku and luka.

"I never heard of you Rin google her" the boy said grinning.

She toke out her phone and started tapping it. I was nervous I am not a vocaloid.

"She is not her-" I interrupted her by kicking her in the face.

I ran away from them by going into the cosplay shop. I grabbed my regular clothes and changed I was in my old clothes I put on my glove and ran out the store.

"It is Ruko!" The boy yelled to a man with purple hair.

I continued running with him following me. My legs hurt but then a man with blue hair and a girl with brown short hair went in front of me.

"where do you think your going" she said smirking.

I stopped where I was and looked back and saw the guy with purple hair grab me.

"We are going to drain it out of you" he said whispering in my ear.

What does he mean "drain it out of you" what are they going to do?

"Let go of me" I said struggling to get free.

The girl walked to me and punched me.

"You better not struggle or you will get it bad" she said though her teeth.

I kicked her stomach.

"Your such a bitch" she said grabbed her stomach.

The guy with blue hair showed his pistol at me, the girl got up and grinned.

"Try" she said smirking.

The guy with blue hair looked towards the alley and then a girl with bluish greenish hair with long pigtails walked out.

"Gackupo let go of her" the girl said walked towards me.

Gackupo let go me and the girl with brown hair looked at the other girl.

"Meiko what happen" she said looking at me.

"She was trespassing" Meiko said looking at the girl.

"Miku she is a UTAU" the boy said with blue hair.

"Oh she is how do you know Kaito" Miku said looking at him.

"Yeah her name is Ruko Yokune" Kaito said nodding.

"Gackupo tie her up we will make her tell us where they are" Miku said looking at Gackupo.

Meiko put a rag on my face and suddenly I started to get sleepy. My eyes started to close and the last thing I saw was Miku smirking.

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