Lilian Black: Her Secret

Lillian black has been raised by Sirius until her 4th year when he died (I know that's not accurate ok.) Lilian is now going to attend Hogwarts instead of being home-schooled. At Hogwarts though she discovers a secret...she is not a Black she is really a Potter.


3. The Common Room

Lily entered the common room and took in how wonderful it was. The fire was giving a warm and welcoming glow. She decided she was tired enough after the long journey here and the feast that she wanted to just completely collapse in her bed. She made her way up the staircase and noticed that her dorm mates were people she didn't know at all. Being shy didn't really help her so she just started sorting through her trunks making sure everything was there and set.

As she was sorting through she noticed a girl with With wavy brown hair that ended at her shoulders. She had piercing blue eyes that stood out most remarkably. Lily didn't notice when she came up and tapped her shoulder. Lily jumped up startled and almost yelled:

"Oh My Gosh you scared me to death!" (yes Lily is a bit dramatic)

"Sorry, um uh i just wanted to say hi so ya hi! My name is Ariella Benson."

"Ok then hello, i'm happy top meet you. so looks like we're dorm mates then?"

"yup hey when your done unpacking wanna go hang out in the common room? someone, i forget who, brought some butterbeer and stuff and there is gonna be a coming back party!"

Lily stood and thought about it. she was very tired but on the other hand she could meet some new people. Still she wasn't very good at that, maybe she could meet up with Sky since they aren't dorm mates. Lily came up with an answer after what seemed about five minutes of thinking and said " Yes, of course i mean i love parties!!" with that being said Lily and Ariella headed down to the common room where she could see that everyone was excited to be back with their friends. lily took a seat by the fire when she saw the trio was approaching her. Apparently Ariella was with them, Lily wondered what was going on. What would she do when she had to speak to the Harry Potter? Would she coward out and leave or would she stay there and talk? Or would Harry leave because he was ashamed at yelling at her on the train. 



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