Lilian Black: Her Secret

Lillian black has been raised by Sirius until her 4th year when he died (I know that's not accurate ok.) Lilian is now going to attend Hogwarts instead of being home-schooled. At Hogwarts though she discovers a secret...she is not a Black she is really a Potter.


1. The Train

As depressed as she was about Sirius' death, Lilian or Lily, was still forced to go tto Hogwarts. School was going to be a new expierence for her because she had been homeschooled her whole life. As she made her way through platform 9 3/4 Lily saw a brilliant scarlet train. It was unlike anything she had seen, it was beautiful. She boarded the Hogwart's express and hopped into an empty compartment. She wasn't very good at making friends and people usually seemed to avoid her as much as they could.

She watched as people just  slipped by her compartment not even taking a second look at her. She felt so sad knowing that she would probably make no friends this year AND she had to deal with the fact that her father, Sirius, was dead. Finally someoneone had decided to join her in her compartment. She looked up and realized that Harry Potter the Harry Potter had decided to join her along with his friends hermione and ron. Harry held out a hand and said "hi i'm harry and this is ron and hermione, mind if we sit with you?" She shook his hand shyly and replied in a quiet voice "no i dont mind." Harrry just stared at her and noticed through her black hair on her forhead covered by her bangs was a lightning scar identical to Harry's. 

Without thinking Harry yelled "where did you get that scar?!" She stared at him blankly then Hermione interupted "harry how rude of you! You and ron i want you two to leave. Your scaring... ur..uh.. um what's your name?" Lily replied "my name is Lilian, Lilian Black, but you can call me Lily." "Alright then Harry and Ron your scaring Lily leave both of you!" Hey and Ron both trudged out of the compartment and hermione began to speak again. "Sorry about those two they can be...well you know." Lily gighled and Hermione kept speaking "im Hermione by the way, Hermione Granger. Are you new here because i haven't seen you before?" Lily replied "yeah im new... i have been homeschooled my whole life." "Why are you going to Hogwarts now?" Hermione aksed and Lily said "because my father just died and Dumbledore said i have to go." "Oh, im so sorry to hear that Lily. Well do you know what house you want to be in?" Lily thought to herself... she knew she was clever so maybe ravenclaw. She was also very brave so maybe Gryffindor. "Um... it's a tie between ravenclaw and Gryffindor." "Well gryffindor is awesome but ravenclaw is very amazing to, we will just have to see what the sorting hat says." When the castle was finally close visible from the train Lily and Hermione put on their toes and awaited their new year at Hogwarts.



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