A Selection of Poems


Cover by @l.l. lovelace


1. What Happened?

I was on the way to Birmingham with school in the coach. It was really foggy when we were just leaving the city, so much it looked like smoke... 


Blazing streets of Manchester,

Draped in dancing demons of fire,

Watched by clouds of deathly smoke,

Bones of children too young to die,

Covered in ash and rubble.


What did you do wrong Manchester?

Thieves deiese and war,

Cloaked death was creeping,

On every corner of every street,

Snatching each sole on its way.


What happened Manchester?

A city nourished in time.

Full of tales of success,

Now echoing a story of depress,

What used to be riches is now death.


Why oh Manchester?

Did you let them  bomb every house,

Let crackling fire burn in chaos,

Let it sliver through the city like a snake,

And give it everything it could take? 


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