My Life With Louis Tomlinson

my boyfriends name is louis tomlinson. Yes louis tomlinson from the boy band one direction


2. //Chapter 1\\

~Summer's PoV~

I Woke up and looked around the room i miss louis he's been on tour with one direction for two months. But! They are coming back tomorrow!!! i cant wait! i jump up and grab my phone and run downstairs and my pit bull follows almost knocking me down. "woah watch out daisy you almost knocked mommy out!" yes i talk to my dog dont laugh for god sakes im in love with lou and he talks to his carrots and kevin ( All though we all talk to him he talks more!) !! i look in the fridge and theres..... NOTHING! IM A GROWING WOMAN AND YOU THINK I DONT EAT! maybe i need to go shopping oops. i run back upstairs and grab my flip-flops  and a leash daisy needs a groom before her daddy gets back and i need to shop. i open the door and walk out and lock it ya know fangirls they know where we live and try to sneak in sometimes haha not fun. i get in my car and start driving daisy sits in the back i come to a halt and get out and grab her leash "come on girl" i say pulling she happily pads along we walk in and i walk up to the desk "Daisy Everdeen for a groom" i say nicely. "its nice to see you daisy and summer been a while hasn't it" She says "yes mama louis is coming back tomorrow so she needs a groom can i get her around…." i look at my phone its 10 i look up "… around 3?" i ask nicely "will do come on daisy" she says with a nod. i say my byes and i love you and walk out and jumping my car. and i go to the store.

~2 Hours Later~ 

Well that was long i put everything in my car and call my house one of the guards should be there "Hey Im coming home with food from the store wanna help me get them out please???" i ask they all love me "Ok summer we will just no puppy dog faces k?" he says "kk bye see u in a min" i hang up and pull in i walk up to the door "heres the keys start bringing them in" i laugh they nod and bring them i  put them up and when we done i lay on the couch and snooze off. i wake up at like 2:30 and i go get daisy and go home she has a bow on and a bone they treat her well and they know ill sue them if they hurt her. me and daisy lay in bed all afternoon watching tv i end up falling asleep. 

A/N hay its Nialls_Food_Dealer i tried do you think its good my cousins the author so I'm helping if you like my writing check me out to but really comments are really really alowed so comment???? thanks 

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