Sixteen year old, Lydia Grey's life is turned upside down when mysterious Toby Matthews comes into her world. Nothing is as it seems. Creatures that she once believed to only exist in books... are now real, in her world. Now, she must make a choice. Love or friendship?


1. Prologue

Running through the woods, my bare feet hitting the damp earth, leaves crunching under my weight. My heart pounds at a million miles per hour against my chest, sweat pours from almost every pore possible, sticking my clothes and hair to my skin and my breath is coming out in short gasps with steam billowing from my lips with every breath.

As my feet carry me through the forest, I hear the beast roar in frustration, urging me on further and faster. I don’t dare look back, afraid that I will see it right behind me. I feel something collide with me and I am shoved to the ground. A huge weight lands on me and something wet drips onto the back of my neck. I want to roll over onto my back to get a good glance at my attacker, but the weight is too much. A growl beside my ear has me cringe and I try kicking at the creature, so I can stand and begin running again.

A scream echoes off of the trees and surrounds us and for a second I wonder who is screaming… and then I realise that person is me. 


When I begin to resurface from the darkness that had surrounded me, pain is the first feeling that hits me. The next thing is the feeling of floating. I glance around me and feel the weight of someone’s arms carrying me. As my eyes begin to focus, they see blue sky in between the leaves of trees and then my eyes focus on his face. I attempt to reach my arm up to trail my fingers across his high cheekbone, but instead I groan in pain from an agonising throbbing in my shoulder.

The boy glances down at me, surprised to see me awake. Instantly my eyes are drawn to his chocolate brown eyes that seem to be able to stare right inside of me, to where my heart flutters wildly. His eyes move from my face to the shoulder that I can feel throbbing. My eyes go with him and what I see next makes the blood drain from my face and my breathing stop and then accelerate.

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