Perfect Summer

The perfect summer. Friends family, sun, everything's going great until the crash. Everything changes in one night. These 5 boys are trouble makers for sure but somehow it feels like we were destined to meet. Can I trust them? Can I trust him? Or will this love cost me my life?


1. Where are they?

"Hey! Saph! Wakeup, we're gonna be late!!" Ellie is yelling at me, trying to shove me off my bed. Whoa, it's so cold!

"Okay, okay one sec" I give in and drag myself out of bed. Picking up my phone, I see its 8 in the morning. Urgh, I can't be up this early on a Saturday! Guess we have to get ready for the holidays though. I go into the bathroom and splash my face with water to try and wake myself up a little. Then I brush my teeth and take a shower. By 8:50 I'm dressed and head downstairs for some breakfast. Ellie and Aysha are already there, lounging around and watching tv. "Hey, where's Courtney?" I ask them. "Last minute packing I think" Aysha replies without taking her eyes off the screen. I walk into the kitchen and grab a salad bowl that we'd organised the night before. Then I go to the fridge to get myself a drink. It looks so empty, just one carton of orange juice. Anyone would think we were moving out forever! I head back into the living room, dodging suitcases as I go and plonk myself down next to Ellie. "I can't believe we're going to America!" I say for the thousandth time that week. "I know! I mean, we did all pass our GCSE's and everything and this is our parents reward to us but it still all seems so bizarre!" She replies. I nod and agree. "This is going to be so amazing"


We all cram into my mums car with our cases in the boot. Me, Courtney and Aysha in the back, Ellie in the front and mum driving. It still all feels like a weird dream, I cant take it all in. Mum turns on the radio and spends ages trying to find a good station. If I Lose Myself by One Republic comes on and Ellie cranks up the volume as we all sing along. "Gawd, you sound like a group of cats being strangled!" Says my mum and we all laugh. I must have fallen asleep at some point because when I open my eyes, we're nearly at the airport and Courtney's shaking my arm gently. "Time to wake up Saph" she says as we pull into the airport car park.

We unload our bags as my mum gets a 5week parking ticket and sticks it onto the inside of the car windscreen. Then we walk towards the airport. I have no idea where we're going but mum seems to, so we just follow her. There are so many people, I'm scared of losing the others. So I do a quick check when we get into the building. Courtney, mum, Ellie, Aysha. "Right, we've still got everyone" I announce to mum. "Okay, we need to hurry up but everyone stay in my sight and try not to get lost" she says. We make our way down to some desks and a lady starts talking to mum, giving her complicated directions of where to go. I decide to check my phone, it's nearly 10:30 our flight is at 12:30 so we have 2 hours to get through security and onto the plane. I put my phone in my pocket and look up. Mums not there. I look around, trying to spot her. I can't see Ellie either or Aysha or Courtney. Where are they all?! What do I do now?! I just stand there looking for a familiar face. Nothing. I shout their names and the lady on the desk gives me a funny look. I don't care. I can't see any of them through this mass of people shoving their way past me. What am I going to do now?

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