Kekes Koffee


1. Keke's Koffee

Rosie's POV

Today, a few of my friends and I are going out to get coffee and muffins. After putting my mascara on and quickly throwing my hair in a messy bun, I rush out the door, lock it, and jump into the backseat of Ella's convertible, which her and Audrey are already waiting in for me. "Sorry!", I shout as I buckle my seatbelt. "You guys got ready really fast!", I tell them while lacing up my converse.

Ella reaches for the radio to turn it on, but since she is driving, Audrey turns it on to Kiss FM instead. The first song that comes on is Story Of My Life by One Direction. Right away, we all start singing along at the top of our lungs, with the top of the car down.

We finally pull up to a crowded coffee shop, the sign reading in cursive letters, Keke's Koffee. We walk in, go to our reservations, and sit down in the chairs that Hannah and Grace saved for us.

Audrey's choice of clothes today is jean shorts and a pink crop top. Her blonde hair is straightened down, and she is wearing a teeny bit of eyeliner and mascara. None of us really wear very much makeup unless we are going somewhere fancy, but this place isn't fancy, it's just an on-college grounds coffee shop.

Ella is wearing a grey skater skirt and a white crop top with gold hearts on it. Her ginger hair is softly braided into a French braid straight down the back of her head. Ella is wearing some mascara and that's it. Her shoes are just some simple converse, to dress down the look.

Hannah is wearing fishnet leggings under a pair of jean shorts, and a black tank top with a blue heart in it. She is wearing navy blue mascara and a tiny bit of navy blue eyeliner. Her blonde hair is in a side fishtail.

Grace's light brown hair is in a high ponytail, and she is wearing bright red converse high tops with her light jean romper. She is wearing barely any brow eyeliner and a coat of mascara.

I look down and realize that me and Ella are wearing the same shoes... Whatever, I decide it doesn't really matter since converse are really common.

Immediately after we sit down we all start chatting, as usual. We are a VERY talkative group, and sometimes that can be a bad thing, but for now, it's fine. "So, let's see who can get a boyfriend by the end of the year... I bet it will be Rosie lol.", Hannah tells me.

We all giggle, and soon after our waitress comes to take our order. I recognize right away that it is Gemma Styles, and look around the table at my friends. By the looks of there facial expressions, I can tell that they noticed this too. As usual, we order coffees and muffins all around. Right before she leaves I ask her, "Can I ask you something that you probably get asked a lot?", I ask her and she replies right away by saying,"yes, I am Gemma Styles, Harry Styles's sister, if that's what you were going to ask.", she didn't look annoyed at all for someone who must be asked this all the time.

"That's so cool! I love One Direction! Does that mean you go to this college too?", I ask her, hoping the answer is yes. I know she is around the same age so she probably does go here.

"Yep!", she tells me excitedly. "First year!", she looks like she can't wait, but is nervous at the same time. "Oh don't worry! It's a great school, you'll love it. We're juniors.", I tell her, giggling. "Oh yah, definitely.", the others chime in.


Harry's POV

Walking out of the coffee shop with Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis,that my sister works at, I hear Louis say," well, they", while Liam whistles. My eyes look over my shoulder at the 5 hot girls that are also exiting the cafe.As we are waiting at the crosswalk for the stop sign to turn into a person walking, one of the girls trip, as I rush over there to catch her before she hits the ground.

I get there just in time to catch her before she falls. I look down at the beautiful girl with dark brown hair in my arms, and make eye contact with her sparkling brown eyes. She giggles, when I say "that was close.", and she answers me by saying thank you.

"So, do you guys go here...", i ask, after I let her stand up straight. "Ya, we are juniors.", she tells me, fidgeting with her fingers I smile realizing that we are the same ages. "Same here. I'm Harry, this is Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn.", I tell them, unsure if they are already aware.

"We know.", she tells me after giggling sweetly. I just have this strange feeling that I know I already like her. "You guys are so funny, and talented! We all love your music!", the blonde next to her says. "Rosie.", she says putting a hand on her chest as of indicating it were her. "And this is Hannah, Grace, Ella, and Audrey.", she says shortly after. I am so relieved that they didn't start screaming when they saw us. These girls seem pretty coo.

"Well, I have to get going to go to class, but we'll see you guys around, yeah?", I tell them, wishing I got the chance to know them. "Yeah for sure!", Rosie replies. I look around and see the other guys talking to the girls. "Nice meeting you!", she shouts as we split to go to our apartments. Me and the guys all share an apartment. It's so much better living with people that you can joke around with and sing with when a good song comes on.


Rosie's POV

After grabbing my purple and black Vera Bradley backpack, I grab my computer and run put the door to go to my first class. "Bye guys!",I tell the girls when we all part to go to our separate classes. We always walk together until we get to our classes, since their apartment is right across from ours. They are the only people that we know live in our apartment, so we are always here for each other, literally.

I check my phone for the time once I get to class and sit down. I'm 5 minutes early, so I start to scroll down my twitter and see a picture of all the boys standing in front of the college sign. I smile to myself because, even when they are making the silliest faces, they are still so cute!

Harry walks in to the room and a bunch of girls look like they are about to faint. I laugh a little bit because i am so surprised that I didn't faint. He comes and looks over at my phone before sitting down. "Hey", I say to him cheerfully, looking up at him from my bright phone screen. "Hello. I see you are following me on twitter. Mind if I sit here?", he says in his cute English accent.

"No, please do.", I reply still cheerful. "Well, of course I follow the funniest and best singing guys in the world." He laughs at my comment and grabs my phone to look at my profile, then hands it back. One second later, I get a follow from Harry Styles, and about 500 teenage girls.

"I wanna get to know you, so can I ask a few questions?", he tells me. I nod, and he starts right away. " what's your... Favorite sport?", he asks. "Dance, definitely.", I say back causing the sides of his lips to rise a little more.

"I hate dancing, but I think it is so amazing to watch people who know what they're doing. What's your favorite color?", he asks, while I stare into his beautiful green/blue eyes.

"Ummm.... Pink.", I say perkily.

"Hobby? Or is that dance also?", he asks, curiously.

"Hmmm. I like dancing and singing a lot. Cliche girl.", I giggle quietly while I can feel my cheeks starting to burn up and blush.

"Now it's your turn to ask questions." He says, a smile creeping onto his face.

"What is your favorite sport?", I ask him.

"Let me think... I like football a lot, but I'm not very good at all. Well, here you would call it soccer.", he says, as I listen to the guy I really like giving me the answers.

"Color?" I ask him this time instead of him asking me. He answers by grabbing an orange highlighter out of his bag.

"Cool. Hobby?", I ask him so I don't sound like one of those girls who knows everything about One Direction.

"Singing.", he says with a very large smile on his face. "So. Do you live in an apartment?", he asks me.

"Yes. I love with Audrey and Ella, across the hall from Hannah and Grace. The ones directly right of the school.", he looks at me with his eyes wide open, like he is making some connection or something. "Me too!" He replies. "I live with Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall. Apartment 4b.", he tells me. "Awesome! We live in 4d.", I tell him, slightly amazed.

Then the teacher walks in, and introducing himself as Mr. Nabody. And me and Harry start cracking up silently, and I feel so bad, but at least he didn't notice us laughing. It's time to start reviewing now, but during the whole class, I look around and see girls staring, which I have to admit, makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. "Wow, is it always like this?", I ask him. He raises one eyebrow, confused on what I am talking about. I move my eyes slightly in the direction of a girl taking a picture of him on her phone. "Yeah.", he says, as if he's used to it by now.

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