The Broken Staff (RoTG Fanfic)

Ugh.. I was so bored, and I got a little too into writing this :p


1. The Broken Staff

"The staff, Jack!" Pitch shouthed. "You have a bad habbit of interfering." he said, as he began to propose a request
for trade. "Now hand it over, and i'll let her go." A little evil smile crept up on his face.
Jack was not sure. He probably wouldn't get it back. He has been through so many adventures with this staff.
This has been his partner for 300  years. Would he really just give up on it?
He looked over at Baby Tooth, shaking her head. She was willing to sacrifice her life, and he couldn't even sacrifice a staff?
Finally he had made his choice. He was going to give it to Pitch.
Right when Pitch got his hands on it, it immediately went from icy-blue, full of frosty snowflakes,
to almost black wood.
"Alright." Jack said annoyed, stretching his arm out, ready for him to let her go.
"Let her go."
"No" Pitch said arrogant.
Jack looked surprised, but quickly made his eyebrows frown.
Pitch took that as a "What?"
"You wanted to be alone," Pitch said even more arrogant. "So BE alone!" He shouted.
Baby Tooth had to do something. She stabbed her spiky nose in Pitch's hand, and he quickly made an "Argh!"
And threw her away. Jack's eyes followed Baby Tooth getting thrown in a gorge.
"No!" Jack said.
He quickly turned around, looking at Pitch again.
Pitch then breaks his staff.
"ARGGH!" Jack felt so much pain, especially in his stomach. He tried to put his hands around it,
so the pain would go away, but his hands didn't even touch before he fell on the cold hard ground.
Pitch just smiled. He then proceeded to use his black sand to do even more damage to him, and then push him down to the same gorge as Baby Tooth. Only a few hurtful moans could come out of him now.
He almost couldn't even open his eyes, and when he did, he almost couldn't even see properly.
Pitch was looking down at Jack from above. He was holding the two pieces of his staff.
"Don't worry, i'll tell your friends about our little chat." He said, followed by an evil laughter.
He almost could not do anything.
"B-Baby Tooth!" He then slowly, and hurtful, began to crawl towards her.
That was the most hurtful 2 meters he has ever crawled in his whole life.
Baby Tooth didn't want him to feel anymore pain, so she acted like she was fine.
He almost couldn't keep his eyes open. So much pain.

He had been using one of his hands to support his stomach,

and the other to hold Baby Tooth. He then tried to use the hand he had been supporting his stomach with, to try and get up.

He tried for several minutes, and Baby Tooth could see his struggle.
He then had to give up. Not on his own will. He didn't have any energy, any powers. He couldn't do anything.
He passed out. Baby Tooth began to panic.

Tooth, North and Bunny didn't do anything ever since Jack betrayed them. They couldn't accept the fact that Jack
could do such thing, and he was their only hope. Pitch then came out of nowhere.
"Well, well, well. Look at that. The whole team gathered up. Oh wait, what is that? No Jack Frost? What a shame!"
He then threw the two pieces from Jack's so called 'staff'.
They were shocked. "Bye Bye." was all he then said. Then he left.
"Oh no! What have we done?" Tooth gasped. "He may deserved something, but not this!" Bunny exclaimed.
"I have an idea." North said, and took his snowglobe out of his jacket.
"Show me Jack Frost." They all gasped. Pitch must've really done something terrible.
"Is that Baby Tooth...In his hands?" Bunny asked, without expecting an answear.
North threw the snowglobe, making a portal. "C'mon, what are you waiting for? We need to help Jack!" North exclaimed.
They all went through the portal. Bunny Picked up the staff, which was in two pieces and went through the portal last.
When Bunny saw Jack, he asked Tooth to hold Jack's 'staff', and immediately went over to him.
"Jack, Jack! Can you hear me?" He picked him up, shaking him. "Do you hear me?"
"B-Bunny?" Jack said weak, and questionable. Almost whispering.
"Jack! Please, say something again." Tooth said, almost demanding. But nothing came out of his mouth.
"Quick, we need to get him somewhere safe!" Tooth said, this time, demanding.

Jack woke up on a... Bed? Long time since he have layed in one of those.
When he woke up he groaned a little, and scratched the back of his head.
He sat up in the bed, and saw that the whole team was looking at him...Happy?
"Jack! You finally woke up!" Bunny said exited.
Jack was confused.
"Wait, what happend?"
"You don't remember?" North said almost as confused as Jack.
"I don't even know what I do remember." He said.


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