Perries Little Sister (ON HOLD SORRY!!!)

Hi i am Hannah Edwards. Yes I am Perrie Edwards younger sister. We live with one direction because our parents died in a car crash in 2006 when I was 10. Please comment like fan and favourite

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11. the text

Hannah's POV

I decied to go back home but before I did I texted Perrie are asked if they were at Zayns mansion or house.

Perries POV

I was sitting with Zayn and his mates at in the living room all of a sudden i heard something I haven't heard in years it was the text tone I made for Hannah!!! I read the text and reply to her with a yes. Hannah told me she had a surprise for me and that her kidnapper let her go but the bad news was her kidnapper is coming after on of us! I think Zayn was reading the text over my shoulder because when her read Hannah's text he started scresming and explaining that Hannah texted me everybody was happy with joy. Oh boy this is going to be a long day!

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