The Wolves came to me

Christina Sanway, is an unique woman, but she does not know it. She is 13 turning 14 in a week, but her parents are anything but normal. Her parents disappear and all she has is a pendant and she is lost in the middle of the woods. Will she find her parents? Will she find out what secret they tried so desperately to hide from her? Will she be able to work the pendant's magic?


1. Prologue

 Hello my name is Christina Sanway, I am something that I never knew existed. That though is for another time, right now though, lets get to my 13th birthday. My parents are a little strange, but I love them. This is the strangest that has ever happened to me. I am tall, tan, long black hair (which I never cut), some call me an Indian incarnate others just call it natural beauty.  That is me below, not much I know but... my story will change that opinion for you.


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