The Dolls

"Oh, calm down. It's just a doll." Gravity Falls is rocked when a citizen purchases a murderous Elsa doll.


2. Unsure

Ray leaned back in her bed, shuddering at the thought of the demonic Elsa doll. Though Prez had told her it would never be demonic, she still thought it was demonic. Remember to ask Bill. She thought, making a mental note. Though Bill most likely wouldn't want to talk to her, considering the last summer.

Someone knocked on Ray's door, causing her to jump. Cautiously walking towards the door, she willed herself to open it. Maybe it would be Girlie, and not a doll that wanted to murder her. But then she saw Dipper standing there, which gave her a small sense of relief. 

"What was-" was all he managed to say, before Ray disrupted him.

"Journal. Now. Demonic Elsa doll." Ray spat out, causing Dipper to give her a wierd look. Still, he took off towards the attic. Soos soon walked into the room, giving her a wave.

"Dude. What's wrong. It looks like you saw a ghost. Which is quite possible." He said. Ray, trying to cover up, gave a shrug of her shoulders. She stared out the window, at the direction which Prez had took to go live with her husband, Bill. Soos put a pudgy hand on her shoulder. "Dude, something is wrong. Right now, you're acting like a cuckoo clock." He said, yet Ray shook him off, not giving her usual grin she gives when Soos gives wierdly appropriate advice. Dipper was still in the attic, rummaging to find the number three journal. 

Ray walked out to the shop, where Wendy sat behind counter. She gave a wave. 

"What's up?" She asked. Ray gave a shrug, but Wendy had hung around Ray long enough to know about her infamous 'shrugs.' She gave Ray a look, saying 'Tell.'

"Okay, don't let Mabel hear, she'll want to start an adventure, I already let Dipper know... which, I guess, he'll want to start an adventure... Okay, anyway, I'm sure Prez has a demonic Elsa doll." Ray let out, but Mabel tackled her to the ground.

"A demonic doll? Count me in! Wait... where's Waddles? Waddles!" She said, spotting the light pink pig. Getting back on track, Wendy and Soos both looked at Ray. Wendy questioned it a little, but knowing what goes on, didn't voice her questions out loud. Soos, on the other hand, fully beleived.

"I want to see the doll." Soos said, looking around. 

"Talk to Prez. It's her doll." Ray replied. Spotting Dipper at the corner of her eye, she turned around. Yanking the book out of his head, she yelled in joy. "Yes!"

Opening the book, she flipped through every possible page, yet nothing was there. She spent a minute reading about Bill Cipher, seeing if there was a way to get on his good side, yet soon turned back to the task at hand. Yet nothing talked of demonic dolls. Not even about demonic snow queens.

Maybe Prez was right.

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