Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


24. Chapter 24

Diana POV

I can't believe tomorrow is our wedding day. I know it because Zayn told me everything when I'm at the hospital. I'm so happy and quite nervous.

Zayn's mum bring me to the nearest boutique store. When we reached there I saw this beautiful dress. I was imagining that I was wearing the dress. Zayn's mum snapped me out if my imagination and ask me "Do you love the dress?" I nodded.

We went inside and tell the owner to get the dress for me. I went to the fitting room. After I done changing, I look myself in the mirror. I look like a princess. I couldn't wait Zayn to see me. After we try the dress we went home.

Zayn's mum dropped me off at Zayn and I house. I thanked his mum and she drove off. I went inside and Zayn was sitting at the couch watching football. "Hey babe!" I hugged him from behind and give him a kiss at his cheek. "Hi" he replied. "Having fun shopping for the wedding?" I nodded.

"Let me see." He asked. "No you can't it need to be a surprised. So you need to wait for tomorrow." I said. "I'm so nervous for tomorrow." I just shrugged. I went upstairs and put the dress at a secret place so that sneaky Zayn would not find it.

I went downstairs and sit next to Zayn. He wrapped his arms around my neck and he kissed my forehead. I look at him and give him a kiss at the lips. It's so soft. When I was enjoying the kiss, my head suddenly hurt. There was a vision and it was clearer now. I remember everything.

I stood up and looked at Zayn. I gave him a passionate kiss and said "babe I remember everything!!" His smile grew bigger and he grabbed my waist and said "thank goodness you remembered." He kissed me so passionate and lifted me up.

I pulled out and smiled at him. He put me down and hug me as tight as he could. He take my wrist and said "Come let's go to bed we have a big day tomorrow." I smiled and nodded. We went upstairs and drifted to sleep.

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