Remember me?

Her name was Diana she live in a rich families and her daddy own a company. What will happen when she met up her long lost best friend. Will she fall for Zayn? Find out more..... (Warning: Sexual content)


2. Chapter 2

Zayn POV

After I switch my phone number with her I went back to the studio. I sit at the couch and smiling like and idiot. The boys came in and Louis said "someone is a happy child." I replied " I just met her guys. She's so beautiful like an angel." "Who?" Liam said. "Diana my best friend since high school." I said. "Ouh the one you can't shut up talking about her." Louis said.

-The next morning-


My phone kept ringing. I check my phone at look at the caller ID. It was Diana. I quickly press the answer button. "Hey what up!" I said with a cheerful voice. "Nothing I'm here to call you because I want to meet you. So you free this afternoon?" She said. I replied "yes of course I'm free." She said "So I'll see you this afternoon at yesterday place?" I replied "sure see you there." Then she hung up.

OMG she just asked me out what should I wear, should I wear sandal or shoes. I was confused yet excited. I can't wait to see her.

-At the Starbucks-

I went inside and saw her sitting alone and waiting for me. She had her drink infront of her. When she saw me, she was waving like an idiot. I went towards her and sit down. "I haven't seen you in a long time. I missed you Diana." She blushed. "I miss you too Zayn." We talk about our moments in high school. We were very mischievous back in high school.

-Moments later-

"Diana I have something to tell you" I said. "Sure what do you want to tell me?" She replied. "Since high school the day we met I was in love with you. When I look at you, I feel like I'm in heaven." She blushed. "Awwww Zayn. You wanna know a secret?" "What?" I replied. "I also love you. Remember the day when we draw at the teacher face while he was sleeping. You look so beautiful when you smile." I was shocked when she says she love me too.

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