what it feels like



1. runnning far far far away

"you asshole" i spat" " what did you call me no dont hit me! i screamed to my step dad as he took out a knife.

" thought i told you i could do whatever i wanted and you couldnt say anything"

before i could say another word everything went pitch black.

i woke up in my bed naked with scars all over my pale looking body. most scars were probably from him but i cut too. it was my way of relief. i knew what i had to do. a few days back i packed a bag with tht things i would need to survive on my own. i quietly got dressed and grabbed the bag. i opened the window and he was pulling in to the drive way. fuck. i waited until he opened the living room door and jumped. he came upstairs and looked out. "get back here. NOW" i think he saw me run because he ran to the car and chased me. before he had the chance too catch up i slipped behind a trash can in an alley way. luckily he kept going and i was able to sneak out. i found my self walking for miles. until i found an abandoned alley way. l sat on the floor until i fell asleep.

i was woken up by the rustle if leaves. i bolted up hoping for it not to be my step dad.

a blonde headed boy looked up and down at my scars. i began to cry. he camed over to me and cudled up to me. i finally felt safe.

" where are all your scars from"

" i ii i" i just broked down trying to say

my step dad abused and hurt me

" where are you going to stay"

knowhere i said i started to cry one again.

"stop" he said


" your too beautiful to cry" he said as he wiped the tears from my face with his thumb.

i think i was blushing.

"come on" he said

"wait what where are we going" i whispered

"your gonna come stay with me" he said while dragging me by my cut wrist

"OW" i screamed i noticed my wrist was bleeding

"omg im so sorry i didnt- i interupted

" i its ok" i stared and began to walk away

thats when i heard running footsteps. he spun me around and said "im not letting you leave byyourself"

"i cant just go with a stranger"

"im niall" he shook my hand

"now you know me" i laughed at his poor attempt to get me to stay with him

"ok fine are you sure, im perfectly fine living on the street you know"

" yes im sure lets get you settled in" he said grabbing me lightly this time and taking me somewhere better than an alley.

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