Run For It

Elizabeth's life was always the same and she loved it the way it was. All of a sudden her life is flipped upside down when two men kidnap her parent's and tell her younger sister that they will be back for them. It is up to Elizabeth to save herself and her 10 year old sister. All she knows is that the only way to save her and her sister to leave her home of 16 years and never look back. Will she be able to save her and her sister or will the men in the black van get them before they are safe? What will happen to them and will they ever see their parents again?

1. 1

          Elizabeth jumped off the steps of the school bus and started to run down the dirt driveway of her family's house. The only thought on her mind was her sixteenth birthday that was only two days away. She was more excited then she had even been in her whole life. Both her parents were actually going to be there unlike all of her past birthday. This was going to be the best weekend ever.

          When she got to the front door of her pale blue house her opened the door and stepped into the darkness. She had no clue why all the lights were out in her house. She quickly took her backpack and jacket off and put them on the coat rack. She slowly slipped into the living room looking around the room before turning the light on. The room looked normal except her little sister was not on the couch watching TV like she usually did.

          Then she slowly slipped into the kitchen and looked around there before turning the light on. She did not look good enough because all of a sudden something hit her in the back of the head although it did not hurt she still felt it. Turning around she saw her little sister Isabella standing on the counter top.

          " Oh Liz, it's just you sorry for the bowl" Isabella says seeing that it was just her older sister coming home from school.

          " Who else would it be, Bel" Elizabeth say as she lifts Isabella off the counter and places her on the floor.

         "The men who took mom and dad two hours ago" Isabella says looking out the window nervously.

          "What are you talking about" Elizabeth says staring at her younger sister.

          "Two men took mom and dad in the back of a black truck and said her would be back for us" Isabella says sitting at the kitchen table. "What are we going to do"

          "Let me think about it for a little bit Bel" Elizabeth says sitting next to Isabella at the kitchen table.


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