Turning Neville Naughty

Marina Green, a muggle born wizard has one mission. To turn her Herbology teacher Neville Longbottom, whom she has a crush on, naughty.

Will she succeed, or will she just get herself into trouble?


11. Chapter 11

The next day when I walked into potions everyone looked at me and whispered to their friends.

"If you have anything to say about me then say it out loud." I snapped sitting down at my desk.

Everyone went silent then one person spoke "Is it true?"

"About Alice and Malfoy? Yes."

I looked behind me where Alice would usually sit, she wasn't there.

Charlie glared at me from the other side of the room. I could se her writing on a pics of parchment which she folded up into a pepper aeroplane which she then threw in the air and guided towards me using her wand.

It landed on my table and I unfolded it' I will hurt you for what you did to Alice. Watch your back bitch.'

I rolled my eyes then walked out of the classroom putting the piece of parchment in my robes. "Marina!" I heard a voice call after me. I turned around to see Malfoy.

He walked towards me "Why did you tell?" He asked.

I shrugged "I don't regret it."



He slapped me then started punching me all over my body and face. I could feel blood trickling out of my nose. I just stood there while he punched me repeatedly.

"Professor Malfoy!" Professor Mcgonagall shouted running down the corridor.

He turned around to see her then ran away.

I didn't even cry, I just stood there shocked.

"Come on dear, come with me." She put her arm on my back to comfort me.

I looked at her then walked down the corridor with her to her office "Now dear tell me what happened." She said sitting a large chair.

I didn't respond and we sat there in silence.

"I understand you and Professor Longbottom get on?"

I nodded.

She stood up then walked out and then came back 10 minutes later with Neville.

"What happened?" He asked sitting in the chair where Professor Mcgonagall previously sat.

I just wanted to hug him, but I couldn't because Professor Mcgonagall would see.

"He was mad because I told everyone about him having sex with Alice, so he just started punching me." I spoke quietly.

Professor Mcgonagall walked toward me and put a hand on my shoulder "I can assure you this will be sorted out. Neville if you take her to clean up her face."

I smiled at her "Thank you."

I stood up and walked out of her office Neville following closely behind "You can get cleaned up in my dorm." He told me looking around him to make sure nobody was there and then kissing me on the forehead.

We passed Malfoy in the corridor, Neville grabbed hold of him before punching him square in the face. My mouth widened in horror.

"Don't even think about hitting her again!" Neville shouted before we both walked away.

"You really are naughty aren't you." I chuckled.

He looked at me and winked.

The door appeared and we walked through it. He took me up to the bathroom where he turned on his sink and got a flannel.

I looked at my face in the mirror, it was a lot worse than what I thought it would be. My nose was bleeding, my hair was a mess, I had a cut on my forehead and a bust lip. I put my head in my hands and cried.

Neville wrapped his arms around me "It's going to be okay." He whispered wetting the flannel under the tap.

I took my robes off leaving me with just my uniform on. The parchment slipped out and Neville picket it up reading it.

"Who sent you this?"


He put it down and then dabbed my lips with the flannel cleaning the blood.

"No kisses for Neville for a while." He sulked sticking his bottom lip out.

"Poor Neville." I chuckled.

He cleaned the rest of my face then walked me to his bed where he tucked me in and climbed in the other side "A nap would do you great." He whispered kissing me on the cheek.

I smiled and turned around, he wrapped his arm around me and we were in the spoon position.

I smiled before shutting my eyes and falling asleep for a few hours.

A/N: so I got suspended from school for a day. Not so great for my education but great for finding the time for writing chapters, so tomorrow I'll write quite a lot. Apologies for this chapter not being great.

Xo Laura Emilia

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