I'm Kasie I'm from the sunny town of America! I'm 16 and have the best ever ,Destiny, we go to school and work hard.
What will happen when Kasie stumbles into bad ass boy Niall Horan and his gang ?




I'm Kasie aka skater girl. I'm 16 and live in sunny AMERICA! I have the best friend ever, Destiny, we hang out with all the other skater dudes. Most of them are boys but they're more like my brothers than any things else! There's classes of different people as you now know I'm a skater but there's others...

The popular bitches who are sluts from outer space!

There's the hard workers. (Because I don't like to call them nerds)

There's jocks who are complete dick heads! They're up their own spray tanned asses.

Then there's the bad ass boys. Niall Horan is their "leader" along with Harry Styles Louis Tomlinson (who surprisingly is my dick of a brother) Zayn Malik and not forgetting Liam Payne.

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