Being Bullied

Skylar Green has been being bullied all her life the only person that cares is her bestfriend Max Mitchell her own parents don't even believe her some times what happens when Skylar gets fully tired of it? Find out now!


1. Birthday coming Up

Skylar's POV

I was sitting down at the lunch table by myself next to the window and just stared out there. I don't know where Max is but we always sit together. Max Mitchell is my best friend I've known since we fought in pre-k. He has always had my back and I have his. We are seniors in high school I'm my 18th Birthday is coming up and I don't know if I'm going to do anything special. Nobody would come anyway... Everyone hates me....


I turned around to see who was calling me but nobody looked at me.. So I sat back down


I turned back around I was confused cause Max is the only one I let call me Sky but again no one answered so I let it go and turned back around

????SKYYY.! (Closer and in a singing tone)

This time I got annoyed and stood up.


Everyone looked up and I felt my face turn red and I just quickly sat back down cause that was embarrassing. I sat down confused and next thing you know someone taps my shoulder I turned around and a tray was smashed into my face.! I heard laughing and I wiped my face and looked around everyone in the cafeteria was standing in a circle around me and Jessica (the meanest girl in school) her crew and Mark(caption of the football and basketball team were standing in front.


AND EVERYONE threw their trays at me at the same time and I just fell in all that mess. I started crying everyone laughed and walked out. I just cried and cried and next thing I know I was raised up and held tightly.

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