why did it have to be you?

riley is just a normal girl and had grown up with a bunch of boys around her but one day everything will change. her mom dies before her 16th birthday and her dad had to go to jail because of over drinking. but when she is 18 she meets someone very famous.

read to find out what happens to riley and how her life changes.


1. i needed to get out

I just thought to myself that I had to get out of here and escape. I don't know what happened to my dad after my mom passed. He had lost his job and took his anger out on me, he even took something I wanted to keep after marriage. I had scars all over my body but not from him. from myself because of what he put me though I had nothing else to do but that. I starve every night and day. I had nothing else in my life that mattered to me. when I had enough strength I ran away when he was gone I had no other choice. I ran till I couldn't run no more. I stop and hid for fear he would come and find me. but someone else had founded me. 

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