Haunted house

Rein is an adopted 15 year old girl. Mike abuses her and uses her what will happen when a famous boy band comes to mikes haunted house and believes its real?! Will rein be adopted again or will these boys realize how fat ugly and annoying she is


1. mike

Hello, my name is rein it's pronounced rain. I used to live in an orphanage but was adopted by a man named mike. Living with mike is no walk in the park, literally. I haven't been outside since I was 5. Ya that's how long I've been here. I guess you could say I'm an actress, I love acting but not here I do it against my will. Here I'll tell you the routine here at mikes house. He owns a small house but in the basement there is a stage and chairs. Surrounding the room are white normal doors, but behind the door is another one that is metal with bars, that's where me and my fellow prisoners live. We are like mikes toys, every Holliday we put on a play. Halloween is the worst, mike charges people to see us. If we are bad we get beaten and sometimes put in the money room. The money room is a dark stone room. We are chained to a pole in the middle of the room and on the walls there are weapons like knifes and chainsaws and gags. Mike then invites his friends over and sometimes charges them for 1hour in there with us. We aren't allowed to talk so I don't really know any of my 'inmates'. So Halloween is coming up and I am not happy. Halloween is the worst mike sets up a haunted house and puts us in it, the worst part is he can pretty much almost kill us and people think it's fake. We'll this year I'm on the cutting room. The cutting room is one of the rooms where mike puts you on a metal table and makes you wear only a bra and panties while his friends cut you. Ya not fun. Last year I was in the starving room, to prepare us for this one mike doesn't feed you for 4 days then you are placed tied up on a pole wearing again only a bra and panties, and people throw food at you. Did I mention mike only gets girls? Ya he gets ages from 2-18 the girls who are 16 or older he rapes on their birthdays, I'm worried I'm about to turn 16 tomorrow actually. And for the first time I hear he invites his friends over as well. Ya my life isn't the best.

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