Nialls daughter!


1. 1 year before

~1year before~

" what your pregnant? How?" I said asking Amy

"Babe I'm sorry…I don't know but I should of told you earlier I'm due next week and If you don't want this baby then I'm taking it to an adoption centre. I can not look after this baby by myself." She said

"What you can not give up the baby. I will look after it. My mum will help but we are over Amy text me when you are in labour and then I will come and pick up the baby" I said walking out.

~1 year later~

"Guys come on show starts in 10 minutes" Paul said shouting through the door.

"Niall! When is Emily coming?" Louis asked

Oh I forgot to tell you it has been a year since me and Amy broke up. She had a little girl and my mum is looking after it tonight while I'm on tour. I am in a group called one direction and my new girlfriends is called Emily she doesn't know I have a kid yet neither do all the other boys. I can no tell them yet me and Emily have been together for 9 months I don't know if she is ready yet.

"Erm she is coming with my mum at the end of the show. Is it okay if my little cousin comes with us for a bit. I'm partially like a dad to her." I asked the others. They all just nodded. We made our way to the stage and got on there.

"Hello everyone"Harry said whilst walking on the stage. The crowd went wild

"We can not hear you?" Louis said whilst walking on the stage the corpus went blastocyst with screams and cheering

"How is everybody" Liam asked whilst running in the stage the crowd screamed again.

Louis got on my back ad we ran on the stage. "Let's get this show on the road"

We started singing MIDNIGHT MEMORIES



OVER AGAIN then we sang whole album off midnight memories.

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