The Sixth Dungeon

The Sixth Dungeon is the dungeon at all who enters, never return. The brave spark appeared on young Caethrix's face as he travelled inside, along with his trusted allies. Monsters, adventures, traps, and many puzzles, possibly romance can be found on this story of a book! (wrote by a 11 year old)


1. Prologue

"Young man, come down here at once!" my mother shouted at the top of her lungs. It was a regular morning in the summer, where kids are constantly frolicking in the beaches. I went down the stairs to have my breakfast as usual, when my mother told me, "Hmm, have you noticed it, Caethrix?" "What is it, mom?" "It seems like with every passing second, the town becomes quieter, and quieter." 


I can't disagree with that, the town has been awfully silent lately. After I finished my breakfast, I stepped out of the door and started my morning stroll in the park. Then, I ran into Vincent on the way here. Vincent is one of my best friends, and we live in the same town. "Hey there, Caethrix! How's it going, dude?" he spoke in a chilled manner. "Nothing really. But say, do you know why everyone is so quiet nowadays?" "You don't know? Well, you're usually not the kind of people who listens to gossip, do you?" Vincent replied. "It's all because of the rumour." "What rumour?" I replied with a confused face. "The Sixth Dungeon," Vincent sputtered with a stern look.


"Well how do I say it? The Sixth Dungeon is a cave in the nearby forest, where the description is 'Those who enter, never come back.' Nobody dares to enter. Besides, haven't you read in the news about the heavy decrease in the population?" Vincent explained. My knees went soft, as it gave me a chill up my spine. "Well, I did notice," I replied. "If this goes on, I would have a bad feeling about what may happen in the future," he ended.

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