When Almond Bloom, a headstrong, young orphan is adopted by Miss. Skadal, she believes that she's hiding something. Something big. But is she? and if so, what could it be...


1. The drawer

I gazed up into her eyes and swallowed. Her hard, stern expression told me that I shouldn't have bothered her. I held out my, now trembling, arm in an attempt to get my picture back from her unflinching hands. But instead she simply slid my painting through the slit in the chest of drawers. I almost screamed, but reminded myself just in time of her earlier threat. So ,rather than suffer the consequences of revolt, I turned and left. As soon as I was out her office, I started walking faster and faster until,finally, I reached my room with a jolt. I planted myself on my bed and ran through what had just happened. Life with Miss Skadal , which had been so seemingly brilliant, was going to be terrible.

How awe fully rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself...

My new name is almond bloom but I have never been told my first name. They say I should remember, they being the so -called relatives of almond bloom. But they were never enough for miss bloom and so this is where I am now. In the cold and dull company of the wretched mrs Skadal. Oh, how I despise the name! Why do I hate her so? Well I would not like to, in any way, twist your naive opinion, dear reader, so read on and you may create your own view of her.

I know what you must be thinking ... This is probably the common book about lost children finding their parents. But for me it's different. I don't want to go back and find my old parents. I've been told from reliable sources that they were bad, irresponsible people that shouldn't be graced with my presence but rather locked away for their cruelty. You must agree- that DOSN'T seem like a great atmosphere. For a child in my position to take that deal, they must be in desperation! But there is one thing that I do want to somehow merge out of my past and into my future. My name. A child with out a name is as lost as the parents which decided to abandon it. Sure, they may not have had the choice but they did it nevertheless and I'm not exactly prepared to thank them for that.

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