my apologies

I am apologizing for something and it is about me the true me it is the truth it is technically a letter so yea read my letter to you guys


1. hey guys

Dear directioners,


Hello,directioners I am parting ways with you guys I am so sorry but I have grown apart from one direction okay,I will keep on writing the movellas,and I will always love them,but see they probably don't even know who I am,where I live,okay they probaly only know about ohio because of concerts,and see my boy's and I are splitting up.good bye one direction.good bye directioners.and see I am not ending the letter just yet the thing is I want to say something


The drawings I drew of them are in the trash okay I don't want them I am over them even though they are smokin hot

I think the fanfics about one direction are to predictable okay see I want the movellas I write to be nothing like the others okay

When I read books what catches me is the unpredictable stuff going on,the words.

Okay and see I read a book wrote bye a fifteen year old and I loved it look it up on your library website its called...





I loved it haha please just please read it I love it and I recomend


Its not summer without you


OMG my heart stopped when I read it I love that book I have read it two times haha I own a book that I love and its called



My life nexts door


I love it haha.and now your probably wondering why I am recommending you books well here is why


I love this website I read on it but see you just have to get your nose in a actual book once in a while ha ha so please read those books even if your a directioner or not those books are amazing those are some of the books that inspired me in becoming a autor writing books I know I need some work on my grammar and my umm what is it called I froget but you use


. ? ! ' " , etc.


I know I need help on that stuff and my spelling but see thays why I want good criticism I want the truth about my books and see even though I am not a directioner anymore doesn't mean I have to stop listening to there music okay well I know I was blabbering about tons of things haha well bye to eveyone and I hope to see some updates on some books soon :) 



With all my love,life,and laughs


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