The Life of Gumi Megpoid

Gumi Megpoid is a Vocaloid. She's been one ever since she was twelve! But she still went to school. And she fell in love. Read to find out what happens next!


1. The Audition

"Gumi Megpoid" Gakupo announced as Gumi entered the stage. "Do this for Jaden,"she repeatedly murmured. "Do this for Jaden" she said over and over. She had to become a Vocaloid so that she can be with him!

The judges were Miku,Kaito,and Meiko. Rin,Len, and Oliver were giving out beverages and snacks. "Hi! You're Gumi Megpoid?,"Miku smiled politely. "Y-yes m'am,"Gumi smiled a little. Kaito chuckled a bit. "Polite, isn't she?" Meiko elbowed him. "Alright, greenie. Let's get to the point: what're you singing?" Gumi tried hard not to laugh after Oliver spilled some soda on Meiko as he bumped into her chair. Meiko fumed and grabbed the box he was holding. "Popcorn, you're judging now,"she glared. "Sorry…,"Oliver blushed. "But I—" Meiko cut him off and pushed him into the seat she was in.

"Well…,"Gumi said after the audience stopped laughing and taking pictures of Meiko. "You wouldn't mind if I sang a song I wrote, would you?" Miku nodded her head encouragingly as Kaito shrugged and Oliver kept looking down. Gumi took a breath. "Here's 'because,Because,Because' by me"

"Se no chiisana ko ga suki datte kiita kara

Ashita kara HIIRU hayamete SUNIIKAA haite ikou ka na?"

I sang the song I had written for the one and only person I love:Jaden Hirasawa. He was the reason why I had volunteered. I hope he would soon recognize me and know that were meant to be. I closed my eyes and smiled at the end. Everyone cheered as Gumi finished and Miku, Kaito, And Oliver all held up tens. "I did it," Gumi smiled to herself.

"I became a Vocaloid"

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