Ashton Maybelline Flores Is A Insecure 17 Year Old Girl Who Has Only One True Friend Named Boston. She Lives In A Home For Troubled Girls Because She Tried To Commit Suicide When She Was 14 Because Of Bullying. Her Parents Disowned Her And She Is Practically Alone. One Day She Stumbles Into The New Kid In Town.....


1. Unique..?

Ashton's POV 

I wake up screaming and almost fall off my bed. Oh god I hate nightmares.... I stand up yawning and walk over to my dresser to grab some clothes. Yippee! First Day Of School! I think sarcastically in my head. Ugh this is going to be absolute hell. I pick out my "Keep Calm And Love Duckz" shirt with a pair of light blue skinny jeans. I put on my black vans and my favorite snapback. No need to dress up fancy for the first day like some other girls my age. After I get dressed I quickly run a brush through my long brown wavy hair. I look in the mirror. Ehh not too bad. Definitely first day worthy in my opinion. I grab my bag and head down to the kitchen where Mrs. Jessica is cooking breakfast. Mmm bacon and toast! I grab two pieces of bacon before Stella can get them. "Hey! I wanted those!" She pouts and I just smirk at her. Stella is one of the "troubled" girls who lives her. There's about 20 of us here. Including my best friend Boston. We all have different reasons why we are here but we like to not talk about it. I eat my bacon and start nibbling at my toast when Boston comes down. "Hey Ash! You excited?" She asks with her usual bubbly attitude. "Not really.." I admit shrugging slightly. "Well I am so lets get going!" She says grabbing a Bagel and a juice box. I sigh and put in my headphones. Listening to a song by Imagine Dragons I follow Boston out to the bus. I don't understand why she is so excited for school. Its just a place filled with horny sluts and jackass's who don't give a fuck about their education. Also.. bully's... Thankfully I only have one more year in this hell hole. I bump into something hard and almost fall to the ground when someone's warm arms go around my waist. I freeze with terror. "You ok love?" A soft deep voice asks. I don't dare to look up. I feel someone's hand go up to my chin and slowly lift it up. Before I know it I'm looking into a boy's chocolaty brown irises. He has curly brown hair and has a worried expression. I pull my self away from his grasp and step back cautiously. "I-I'm fine." I mumble then turn and run towards the bus stop where Boston is surely waiting. When I get there I put my iPod into my bag take a deep breath. Who was that boy? I have never had any guy hold me like that before... I run my fingers through my hair. Whatever I just need to forget about it. The bus comes driving down the street, stopping at the bus stop. Boston and I get on and get a seat towards the front. "You ok? You look pale Ash." She asks concerned. I nod not wanting to tell her what happened. "Lets just get this first day done and over with." I mumble.
*Skip Bus Ride*

We get off the bus and Boston heads off towards her first class. Sadly it is the only one she doesn't share with me. I trudge along to Mr. Mangle's English class. Ugh English sucks. We are probably going to have to do a bunch of lame projects and book reports. I walk into class and sit in the way back. Better to not attract attention... Slowly the class fills up and Mr. Mangle comes in followed by the boy I bumped into this morning. Shit. "Good Morning Class!" He says smiling, "Today we have a new student, His name is Calum Brown. Ashton? Would you mind showing him around?" He asks me. I look at him shocked. No. Fucking. Way. This. Is. Happening.... "Um sure." I say shakily. God this is going to be so awkward, and now he knows my name so most likely he is going to make fun of me... GREAT..... I watch as he walks over to the seat next to me and sits down. He smiles slightly, "Hey my name is Calum." I nod and look down at my journal. Why did this have to happen to me? For the rest of the class I try to ignore him. When the bells rings I stop doodling in my journal and collect my things. I hear Mr. Mangle stop everyone, "Wait class before you go, You need to pick a partner and write a report about them. This will be a great way to learn new things about each other!" Damn it! Now I really wish I was in  Boston's class. Of course everyone mentally has their partners picked out already so I'm screwed. Someone taps on my shoulder and turn around to see Calum. "Uh hey um wanna be my partner?" He asks shyly? I look at him confused. "Why?" I finally asked honestly perplexed. "Well everyone else has a partner and you have to show me around anyway so...." He says trailing off. Oh fuck I forgot, well guess I got a partner now... I nod, "Ok sure. Come on before we are late." I lead him to our next class. Thankfully he has math while I have science. He waves me goodbye before I leave and smiles. Confused at his niceness I head to science. Boston is sitting right in front saving a spot for me. Of course. I sit next to her and get out my journal. "How was first bell?" She asks watching me doodle. "I got stuck taking this new boy around, and I have to do a project with him." I say frowning. "Calum? Wow your lucky, he is cute." She tells me and I look up at her with disgust. "I'm not interested in him, God Bost." I say glaring at her. She laughs and mumbles something I cant here. Why would I like Calum? I haven't dated anyone before, so why start now? ...... The rest of the day goes by in a blur. Soon I'm showing Calum to his last class. "Thanks for showing me around, Ashton is it?" He ask curiously. I freeze. Don't make fun of me please. "Its a unique name for a unique girl like you." He adds with a small smile. I blush furiously looking down. Please tell me he didn't notice. "Here call me after school so we can start our project." He says handing me a slip of paper. He walks into his class and I stand there like a fish out of water. What...? I walk to my last class dumfounded. What in the world just happened? 

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